Why no blackheads on your bell end.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. We get spots all over the place as we pass through life.
    Women get zits on their clits, so why don't blokes get blackheads on their bell ends?
    Or have I just been lucky or deprived? 8O :roll: :(
  2. iz it coz u iz black?
  3. D'ya know Tommo you may well have a point there. :D :roll:
  4. I once had a black head on my bell end. She was brilliant.
  5. What sort of girl do you know who had a spot on her clit?
  6. Your are forgetting about penile warts and a bugger they are.
    The Doc had to dig 'em out! I asked what caused them as they were new to me.
    He told me they were the result of screwing when it was the ladies wrong time of the month.
    Well most weren't ladies for a start but it was fair comment and least I had none on my tongue!
  7. blondiie . A Nigerian computer programmer. The spot was near her clit and I think she called it Gee.
  8. Oh the usual Virginia types who frequented the Golden Fleece, The Albany, or the Lennox.
    And I was usually their first, they loved me (no sh1t). :roll: :wink: 8O
  9. Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick.

    Golden fleece? heard that a few times now, what is it ?
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ignore Sol. It was a finishing school for debutants and the like.
  11. Anal sex causes penile warts you gayer :D
  12. That's a foul slur,top cat!, from a man who has never penetrated the gash barge or in fact had a BJ other than from a woman.
    On the wrong track there Mate by a long way.
    Even Larong 6 in Bugis St had no business from me.
    My nudger was for women only,and as a farmers boy,any stray farmyard animals! but not Gays.
    My brother still laughs at the thought of a surgeon,his asst, anaesthetist,theatre nurse,and four or five others all looking at what was,in effect,a type of "Smugglers Cudgel" poking thru a green hospital gown!
    I bow to your greater knowledge of it's cause but not my case.
  13. Not quite true, v8, as I unfortunately was the recipent from an ex (very ex) girlfriend ...... painful, but no digging out, as the Doc gave me some sort of acid 8O with which to daub at frequent intervals to the pool old tadger !!
    And I can assure you that I have never earned , nor attempted to earn, Brown Wings (as the Arrsers say !!)
  14. Are you saying my killick of the mess was telling me porkies 8O
  15. I once thought I had a dose, with nasty itchy red spots all over my cock. Turned out it was mozzie bites from some fcukers that had decided to breed in my damp swimming shorts that I had hung out to dry.

    Other than that, I've always been clean as a whistle, I put it down to washing my dick with Dettol every morning.
  16. Yeah the doc tried that with me,coat the old trumpet with Talc and acid burn them.
    Worked except for a couple of stubborn ones.
    Hope you all enjoy your tea! a bit to much info from me I think.
  17. Talking of Dicks, I had my post removed by one yesterday, and then the big howler was "You can post funny remarks". How would someone with the humour of a dead bullfrog asses a funny remark? 8O
  18. Did I miss something?
    It wasn't racist was it? :wink: :D
  19. Killicks of Mess telling porkies ? ....... Nah! perish the thought

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