Why makes people proud ?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by KLNA-Cessna-Jockey, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. I'm not sure where to post this, so as anything goes in Lil's, here it is.

    Why do some people claim to be PROUD to be black, PROUD to be gay (Gay PRIDE March), etc?

    We're told that issues such as sexuality are not necessarily something you chose, it's something you are.

    I am proud to wear the uniform, proud of what I do, but I don't think I've ever claimed to be proud of who/what I am - I'm just me.

    So what causes someone to be PROUD of who/what they are? (not what they choose to do or what/who they choose to represent).

    Genuine question, no wind up, no offence intended.
  2. Ahem, I`m very proud first thing in the morning.
  3. Chortle!.... Skiffle!......
  4. Would that be piss proud?
  5. the cat licking my balls first thing in the morning watch gets me proud- in fact the cat licking me anytime gets me proud
  6. Proud to have served - even prouder to have been a submariner for 12 years - can it get any better than that ?
  7. Er... serving 24 years in the Fleet Air Arm. :w00t:
  8. I know I am proud to have served in the RN, proud to have served down south in 82, proud to have worn a uniform of HM Armed Forces.
    KLNA, I guess what people are saying when they say "I'm proud to be black, gay etc" is that as minority groups, that have in the past (and still do in some respects) get treated as second class citizens, they are proud to stand up and be counted, I have no doubt the suffragettes felt much the same when they were fighting for the vote and womens rights.
    It's not something that someone who is white, anglo-saxon, heterosexual and male will necessarily have ever confronted, but it's called prejudice and some people out there still show it, but is it becoming less common.
    As for marching in uniform, only ever on parade or divisions as far as I am concerned. Yes I'm gay, yes I was a matelot, but I managed to keep the two things distinct and separate as much as I could. I hope that helps shed a little more light on a very subject that is by it's nature subjective. :thumbright:
  9. To type 42 stoker I totaly agree with you .
  10. Do not know the latin bit .
  11. It translates as "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger" :thumright:
  12. Spot on...
  13. Oh I wouldn't worry about that mate, we've been catching up ever since LieBore came into power. ;)
  14. Maybe it is stating that they aren't ashamed of what/who they are. "Not ashamed to be gay" is not as catchy as "proud to be gay".
  15. Nought to do with Labour..
    Most social change has been powered from the EU and the UK government has had to comply.
    The reason the UK has Civil Partners instead of full blown Marriage is because of the unelected clerics sitting in the House of Lords, and IMHO the subculture of Catholicism that runs through the UK government, particularly during the last PM's stay in No10.
    Here in Catalunya, in fact in Spain as a whole, same sex couples can be legally married, in church if they so wish.
    The Spanish are constantly confused by the fudginess (new word) of UK legislation; here it tends to be much more black and white.
    Back on topic:
    Yes I am proud of what my partner and I have overcome and achieved, and in my opinion so should everyone else be equally as proud of their achievments.
    It is only when I sit down and listen to the stories of other peoples lives that what they have had to go through becomes apparent.
    Good luck to everyone...

  16. To feel "proud" is to feel pleased and satisfied and therefore it is easy to see why people can be proud to be who/what they are eg black or gay.
  17. Who said it had anything to do with Liebore?
    I didn't, I said it was since they've been in :roll:
    Want a ladder for your high horse?
  18. It wouldn't matter which UK government was in power, the result would be the same.
    Don't need the ladder as being in Spain I only have a little donkey :wink:
  19. I just spent the first Christmas in the UK for nearly ten years. The wife and I had all the family around for Christmas dinner. Members present were my two grown up daughters, their respective men and the two grand kids. Also present were my two sons, Ben who is in journalism, and Scott who some of you might remember is an AET at R.N.A.S. Yeovilton. Just before the lunch strated I looked around and suddenly realised just how PROUD I was. Ater all, what have you got if you ain't got family.
    All the best for 2008. :thumright:
  20. And so you should be, good for you!

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