why it's best to be French - or is it?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by golden_rivet, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Cherchez les Femmes

    In an amusing article in the Sunday Times a journalist compared attitudes to sex either side of the Channel.

    In France ... "They want the woman they are with to succumb because she has been borne aloft on the extraordinary passion of the moment and there is no escape, rather than because it’s Friday night and she’s out of her skull on vodka and Red Bull. They want a feverish mew of long-fought-for acquiescence in a scented garret in the seventh arrondissement, rather than a porcine grunt in the doorway of JJB Sports as she at last drops her noisome kebab to the floor... Over here it might be better described as an exhausting recreational activity, rather like throwing yourself over and over again at a Velcro-clad wall."

    so do we or our lovers want "the extraordinary passion of the moment and there is no escape"
    or "a porcine grunt in the doorway of JJB Sports "?

    responses are also positively sought from the gay members of RR both male and female (not the miserable old buggers :) )
  2. ooo i say.............

    well here goes... a lover must first stimulate my mind.. he must talk to my soul.. the must for me be a mental connection before any physical connection can be made...
    there more to sex than just the body

    an example....
    there is a chap that my sister knows.... holy cow he a purfect male.. till he opens his mouth........and out pours inane drivel..and for me a male does not have to be a purfect male... long as he talks to me .. knows me.. and lets me know him....

    well think i have incriminated myself enough now.......lol

  3. Very interesting josie mmmmm

  4. will you two get a room please? This counts as major topic drift chaps ...
  5. without wishing to be blunt (always nearly impossible for me), if you cant woo a womans mind to the point of imminent orgasm then you might just as well not bother. only problem is finding a woman who is prepared to listen to a fat old bastard in the first place.
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well I don't know what method is more successful...

    ...but I can lick my own forehead and breath through my ears! :thumbright: :tongue1: :love1:
  7. My girlfriend asked me to whisper something soft and warm in her ear.......so I whispered..........diarrhoea!!

    (does this count as a major topic drift????)

    Oh, and she asked if I would like to see her in something "fast and flowing""...I said, yes,........ the local river!!

    (passionate lover that I am!!)
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Stripey: I bet when she asked you to buy her a coat made from animal fur you got her a donkey jacket!

    And when she said she wanted something pointless and expensive for her birthday, you bought her chemotheraphy!

    Then she said she wanted a beauty spot on here face, so you buried her under Mount Snowdon!

  9. Jeeeeesus Sgt...how the fuck did you know that?....you must be scy...psychy..scysi....able to read minds????!!!
  10. GR I find your original post very offensive to be honest, although i'm sure that wasn't your intention.

    Are you trying to say that French females are better than English females in some way, judging by your question?

    That English females are all a bunch of pigs that look forward to "a porcine grunt in the doorway of JJB Sports "?

    My wife of 12 years happens to be English and I have been in love with her since I was 16 years old and first saw her (I am now 38ish). She is, above all else, a lady and the best mother of our three children that I could ever want. I also still fancy her rotten, and think about her all the time. So, what was your point about English females exactly?
  11. Is this a new exclusive range only offered by JJB Sports?
  12. I was going to say it's obvious she's never been in a red light district in any port town around the world, but on second thought, I'm not so sure.
  13. I travel to France a lot, and awful lot, and I can tell you honestly that the evidence of 'porcine grunts' is to be found in just about any layby.
    Just as in any other country there is an awful lot of the f*** and forget 'em mentality about.
    The idea of the French as great love makers is a bit old hat. A lovely French girl of my aquaintance loves English men because 'They are more sympathetic'.
    A layby strewn with used condoms and duck served with Mc Cains Hash Browns (the latter served in the 'restaurant'!!! not necessarily strewn about) shouldn't put you off what is really a lovely country.
    Attempting to get dinner after 20.00 is a greater battle though than getting any of them into bed!

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