Why is the URNU classed as RNR?

Should the URNU be considered as RNR?

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I came across this bit of knowledge on one of the URNU threads, that URNU officers are classed as RNR. Its also on one of the threads in the RNR forum that they are called 'List 8'. Now as far as I know, the OTC is not a part of the TA, so I wonder why URNU's get the reservist distinction.

Also to my understanding, the students that join the URNU do not take a fitness test as we do in the RNR. They do not sit an AIB like the RNR officers do and they certainly don't go to the AFCO!

So why are they RNR? I'm certain that there's a good reason for it but I'm currently at a loss as to what it is. Anyone care to enlighten me?


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Good question...I did some time on a P2000 which are the URNU boats and at the time their head was Commodore MFP (Minor Vessels & Fish Protection) not Commodore RNR...that was a while ago so may have changed since then!

We have been as a unit intergrating and inviting the URNU into some of our weekends which I think can only be a good thing!

Its farily clear that some of them either dont consider then RN as a long term career path or in honesty arent best suited to a long term career as an officer in the RN...If they enjoy being a part of the Navy there is an ideal opportunity to recruit them into the RNR!


Actually the OTC is part of the TA, and what is more most of the officers are TA officers, with mobilisation commitment. Most OTC are commanded by regulars, but this has not always been the case.

The Army run the OTC as a recruitment tool, many cadets either join the regulars or the TA, and they have a really mature model to migrate people between. For example, OTC cadets can be commissioned into the TA while still at university, while the RNR wait until people have left the URNU, and then try and recruit them once they have started their new jobs. I think the RNR should learn from how the TA use the OTC.
I'd really like some clairification on the URNU, as we have a snotty coming down to our cadets at the moment who is so far up her own arse I'm suprised she has room for shit.

She sturtes around as if she owns the place and seems to think she even out ranks the CO, Frankly I along with many other of the other staff would like to lamp her out or at least have a word and point out she has little or no authority in our unit.

So far I've only been able to tell people that as far as I know she's just a glorified sea cadet for university students, which she didn't take to kindly to. Any help greatfully received.

I'm a member of staff at the unit and as I said it's not just me with the problem with her, in fact I'm afriad to say we now have 3 of them down at the unit and all of them have an attatude problem but they are all mates so maybe it's just a personality trait thats brought them together rather than the URNU as a whole.


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Whats brought them over? Past history to the unit or some other link? I'd suggest a quick CO - CO call may be in order if they're being loaned, suggesting that while their presence is valued, their attitudes are not?


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trehorn2 said:
do ratings salute them?

Good point well phrased. According to BR60a along with SCC officers they do not hold a commission in the RNR. Not that i have ever saluted a SCC officer anyway. :lol:


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letthecatoutofthebag said:
trehorn2 said:
do ratings salute them?

A very good question and one with (probably) many answers!

They don't hold a commission so therefore shouldn't be saluted;

But, you don't know (these days) even if a Lt has a commission or not;

So, you salute the capbadge (and HMQ) so they should be saluted;

But, I don't think any URNU Coxswain or P2000 Ship's Comany has ever saluted a Mid!

The thing is, there is no way to know if someone is an URNU Mid or an RN Mid (who may have passed Fleetboard and is (sort of) commissioned) and is still awaiting promotion to SLt.

If you failed to salute an URNU Mid I don't think they'd care (or notice!) but if you failed to salute a recently Fleet Board passed RN Mid I think they would. Go for the easy option (and avoid some one having a go) and chop one off!! :lol: :lol:

The commission is irrelevant, in the RN salutes should be given to all officers, including midshipmen. Whether this happens in practice obviously depends on local rules, e.g. on board ship, in training establishments, etc.

There are traditionally three types of "officer" in the RN, commissioned officers (SLt RN and above), subordinate officers (Cadet RN, Mid RN and A/SLt RN), and old-style warrant officers (WO RN and CWO RN). All were saluted. The old-style warrants are gone, as are the ranks of Cdt RN and A/SLt RN, so the only non-commissioned "officer" left in the RN is the midshipman.

In the reserves and the cadets, things are different. The RNR still has A/SLts, who are also not commissioned, and in the cadets even the Lts are not commissioned. None of this matters. If he is wearing an officer's cap badge he is an officer and should be saluted, subject to local rules.

As for List 7 & 8 being part of the RNR, the only people who have a right to complain are the original RNR (List 1). We List 3 and below (former RNVR) are mere interlopers, IMHO.