Why is it so hard to run with cold and blocked nose!!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by chrismonc87, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. Good afternoon RR,

    Just went for a run (with a bit of a blocked nose and cold) was slower then last run I did and felt like keeling over at the end.

    My question why is it you feel like crap, after you exercise with any kind of cold/illness. Even if you have done sorter distance/ or slower time.


  2. Remember this.
    "If your nose runs and your feet smell you have been built upside down"
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  3. Slim can't tell, nose is blocked ;)
  4. Im not sure what the question is. Im guessing it is fairly bloody obvious what the answer is though.
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  5. There's a whole scientific explanation for this, I could go into the fact that the shortness of breath is not adding you to produce red blood cells which in turn is delaying the bodys response in producing Adenosine triphosphate, (ATP).

    Simply put, running with a blocked nose is like trying to run whilst holding your breath, your brain isn't getting enough o2, (air).
  6. I suspect there may have been a time in the past where this happened for a long period.
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  7. There's no need for nastiness.
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  8. Maybe your body is using energy fighting the nasties as well which is using more energy. Either way just stay in and watch rubbish tv :D
  9. or you could man-up drink plenty of water, and go run that bugger out of your system..
  10. Theres no such thing as a stupid question, unless your asking why you can't run as fast with a blocked nose.
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  11. That's what I've been doing. Feel like gash afterwards, sweating waaaay more than usual and almost keel over. But after taking a newly purchased recovery shake damn do I feel better.

    This may work, get one of those nasil strips for cleansing your face or some balls, I've seen athletes wear them during games and it's supposed to open your nostrils up to receive more air which makes you perform better.
  12. If your nose is bunged up the plasters will not work.
    Time for the treatment that the old RN would have given you./
    get some menthol Chrystal's (not crystal meth) from the chemist put some in a jug of really hot water, cover your head and jug with a clothe and inhale the vapour.
    Result should be clear nasal passages
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  13. Cut your nose off,problem solved.It also could be all the shite you have been smoking.
  14. Cordless drill on slow speed and a small masonry bit.
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  15. Thanks to everyone who has commented.

    to Rachelthree. did that on my rest day yesterday was bored as hell doing that :p

    Drink 3-4 litres a day every day. With the size of my nose i wish i could cut mine off haha.
    If i could get rid of ears as well would help aerodynamically!

    Wrecker i'll ask the dentist next week ;)

    BTW i know it was stupid question. Just really annoying getting better then all of a sudden being slower, no energy.

  16. In the old days the PTI's would have advised boxing gloves:D
  17. I would let someone do it with out them :D. My nose bleeds easily if some thing hits it. (Due to it being broken when i was a kid by a cricket ball, which hit a stone and i couldnt react to it before it hit me!!!
  18. The boxing gloves were not to be used for boxing.
    They were to be worn at night to ensure a full nights kip:p:D
  19. hahaha oooo pussers sleeping pills? ;-) Is that a good night sleep for your Opos????
  20. Im on bed rest this week and have watched over 100 episodes of a cheesy american programme, with dedication and perseverance you can also be comfortable being lazy! I googled once when i was ill and it said training with a head cold wont do any damage, but over exerting yourself with a chesty cold wont help much. It must be true as it was on the internet...

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