Why is Ganges so emotive?


War Hero
not seen this thread before, but reading he first post brings back memories, I was a 6 week wonder boy, back in 74. Met Faith Hope & Charity many times not with a 4.5 shell, but with a type writer. I can remember climbing the mast to the cross bar under the button, and touched the button as high as i was allowed to go, on Sunday morning access. I had been a good standard rock climber and wondered how the hell did they swing onto the button, must have been part monkey? He'll of a good view from up there, when I came down a PTI said if I had been a long stayer at Ganges he would have had me on the button? Not sure on that?
that was followed by 10 months in Collingrad, lots of buffers party, had a great time there, rugby, shooting, brick woods FG, assault course team, Whale boat pulling team, memories which are still so clear in my aging mind:)


I loved the sport as I boxed played football and I even liked the cross country in fact I loved the gym.......perhaps not starching all my P.E.GEAR and WHITENING those PLIMSOLES! Only PT INSTRUCTORS I remember was TUG WILSON & am not sure a PTI FOX? I could be wrong and believe it or not I could not SWIM when I joined....I soon learned how to! Now I don't know if it was down to the PTIs or just being seen in that costume with the floats all around.

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