Why Is Britain Apologising??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Bergen, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. David Miliband has just given Israel a grovelling apology on behalf of the British people because a British judge issued an arrest warrant for Tzipi Livni in London. Miliband apologised after Israel called in the British Ambassador for an interview sans coffee and told him that they were furious with Britain.

    Miliband has now promised Israel that he will begin work immediately with Jack Straw to change British law. Cyclops has also seen fit to call Livni and personally apologise to her for any embarrassment that the British judge has caused her.

    Miliband needs to be reminded that the judiciary is independent of NuLiebour and that the UK government’s official policy is that all settlements in the lands occupied in 1967 are illegal and violate UN Security Council resolutions and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    Under Article 146 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Britain has an obligation to "to search for persons alleged to have committed, or to have ordered to be committed, such grave breaches, and shall bring such persons, regardless of their nationality, before its own courts". Endex.

    There was extensive, detailed and compelling evidence presented to the British judge who issued the warrant for Livni's arrest and there is a prima facie case against her. She has no diplomatic protection.

    It is not mentioned very often but both Miliband and Straw are Jewish and have a long history of supporting Israel. No one seems to have pointed out that they intend to change UK laws, overrule the independence of the judiciary and renege on our treaty obligations in order to protect Israelis involved in the repeated breaches of international law.

  2. Because that is what we do.
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    Sorry - post just had to be corrected
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    Independent Judiciary, that's what the Constitional Reform Act was meant to introduce, but never did after it was watered down! Next you'll be saying we are a democracy. Hopefully until the law is changed judges will apply their oath and the ex-Mossad politician will be too scared to come here: "I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or ill will."
  5. The Israelis will play the furious with Britain card for all it is worth and the cynic in me says that they will attempt to get Cyclops to reverse the DEFRA recommendation:-

    The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has issued voluntary guidance to UK supermarkets stating labels should differentiate between "Israeli settlement produce" and "Palestinian produce". Foods are currently labelled "Produce of the West Bank".

    The Israelis definitely do not want Western consumers to be able to identify Israeli goods produced in their illegal settlements on ethnically cleansed Palestinian land in defiance of International Law.

  6. We had a difference of opinion some time back Bergen, and though I haven't changed in my belief that the Palestinians invited retaliation because of their continued rocketing of Israel, I do agree with you on the West Bank and Settlers.

    To see kids being stoned on there way to school, and the Israeli authorities taking no action plus the continued building on land which is not theirs sends shivers down ones spine.

    I'm not so sure that the UK should have taken unilateral action in issuing a warrant. If they have strong enough evidence, then they should have taken it to the Hague for action.
  7. Straw can't be that big a fan of Israel considering how cosy he is with the MCB to the extent that even the Labour cabinent of all people are apparantly worried about it. Miliband's an absolute fcuking liability, I in particular was impressed by his first foreign tour as FS where he managed to offend the Pakistani, Indian and Sri Lankan governments with a complete ignorance of their domestic policies and aims. In regards to Israel/Palestine, until they can get Fatah to stop theiving everything that isn't nailed down and actually get a politically and religiously moderate government up and running properly its gonna keep dragging on with one side of bastards blowing up buses and the other side of bastards dropping white phosphorus in the middle of towns.
  8. Differences of opinion are healthy. We are both big boys NMC and a little verbal abuse is not a problem. I took no lasting offence to anything that you wrote; everyone’s tempers were a little raw as we watched events unfold in Gaza.

    The problem is that the ICC cannot act unilaterally [Britain judges can] and Israel blocks any moves towards accountability, especially in the UN where the USA vetoes any and all criticism of Israel and blocks any attempts to rein in Israeli actions. We are seeing these tactics again in Britain over the Tzipi Livi arrest warrant. They cannot travel freely in Britain, Spain, Norway or Belgium and it has them worried. Their crimes in Gaza have turned Western Europe against Zionism.

    Israel is the atypical playground bully protected by its big brother.

    We are left with the concept of Universal Jurisdiction - designed and implemented specifically to be used against war-criminals. Israel was fully behind the concept when it suited them but now the war criminals are in Tel Aviv and Britain must change it’s Laws to protect Israeli sensibilities. Remember that to persuade a British judge to issue an arrest warrant there has to be very strong evidence provided .

    This is an extract from a speech by Professor Norman Finkelstein. You may guess his religious persuasion from his name, but what he has to say might surprise you. He discusses the Goldstone Report, written by the distinguished South African jurist Judge Goldstone. Goldstone is Jewish and a Zionist so the Israelis went out of their way to defame him - he is called a Self Hating Jew in Israel. The Israeli SOP for anyone who criticises their actions is to cry Blood Libel and label them Anti-Semitic.

    My Bold:-

    Finkelstein started his speech by placing it in context with the one year commemoration of the siege on Gaza. The causes and effects of this siege are now coming to light, both in the Goldstone Report and in the recent arrest warrant issued by the UK for Tzipi Livni, who stated that she was 'proud of everything she had done in Gaza'.
    Finkelstein noted that the ceasefire that was agreed between Israel and Palestinians June 2008 was broken by Israel, not Palestinians: Israel did not lift its illegal blockade on Gaza and launched a night raid on Gaza, whilst the eyes of the worlds were watching 4th November 2008 US elections. 6 Palestinian militants were killed, provoking Hamas to respond, which it did by resuming rocket attacks. Finkelstein emphasized that this is not violence so much as symbolic resistance.
    He quoted one Palestinian who referred to the rocket attacks as 'Modest home made rockets are a cry of protest to the world'. In particular, Finkelstein commented that if we are going to condemn Palestinians for these rocket attacks, we must suggest how else they should resist the pressure placed on them by persistent Israeli attacks, subjugation and persistent blockades that drain the small area of land. If we cannot provide an alternative, we cannot criticize.
    Finkelstein emphasised the disproportionate nature of the Israeli attacks. The ratios of death and destruction are striking: 100 Palestinians were killed to 1 Israeli; 600 Palestinian civilians were killed to 1 Israeli; and 6000 Palestinian homes were destroyed to 1 Israeli home. On this basis, the siege cannot be called a war as a minimum condition of war is that there are at least two sides firing at each other. Israeli soldiers themselves have stated that Israel used insane amounts of firepower'.
    Israel's claimed that the extent of devastation and death was due to Hamas using human shields and purposely positioning themselves in dense civilian areas has been undermined by reports by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Dugard Committee and the Goldstone Report which have found no evidence to support this claim.
    The Goldstone Report stated that the siege was a 'Deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorise a civilian population'.

    Tzipi Livi was a prime architect of the IDF actions in Gaza. She thought that it would win her the election - it didn’t. Now she is trying to raise funds for her next election attempt - the arrest warrant prevented her doing so in London….. Ouch!!

    As a matter of interest both Livni's parents were convicted terrorists. The Brits arrested them and locked them up for crimes of terrorism against.....you guessed it... Britain.

    Happy Trails

    RM :thumbleft:
  9. Thre questions spring to mind:

    1 What prompted the judge to issue the warrant?
    2. What are the chances of Livni getting her collar felt and just who would prosecute?
    3. Slightly off topic, but I understand that Uncle Bob was in Copenhagen recently, so why was he admitted and why hasn't he been given stainless steel bracelets?
  10. The anti-semitic SOP does my head in and in my book shows no respect for the millions that died last century; it's ultimate boy who cried wolf stuff.
  11. No one should ever forget what the nazi scum did to the Jews and the countless others who were murdered in the camps but that does not mean we should turn a blind eye to the criminal tactics of the Israelis.
  12. Virtually every single conversation about the Middle East I have ever had with an Arab; be it the conversation starts with tourism, diving at Sharm, the Burj al Arab or how ugly camels are; will at some point come around to either "Why does the West support Israel? or What do think about what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians?". This is IMO the bedrock of most anti-Western sentiment. The only cure that I see is for the US to take their nuts in their hand and tell the Jews to lift the blockade, arrest the criminals, knock down some more houses and get the fck back to the agreed border. Both sides have committed crimes and both harbour criminals and terrorists, the only difference is the political strength of the Jewish lobby in Washington DC!
    During the Gaza offensive, most arab news channels carried a very disturbing report of a school being shelled (a TV crew was at the school reporting on the disruption to education!). During the rescue operation they were hit again with DIME/WP. Was it accidental? Everyone will make their own decision but for me it was a deliberate attack on civilians, including children and medical personnel.

  13. Did you not like my pointyhead speak? :(
  14. August 2009 - Israel Denies Harvesting Palestinian Organs

    Israel has expressed outrage about a Swedish newspaper article that called for an investigation into claims that Israeli soldiers may have harvested organs from dead Palestinians.
    "The article was a shocking piece of blatant racism," Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told CNN on Wednesday.
    "This kind of medieval blood libel cannot be tolerated in any society and the Swedish public and government have to condemn and reject this appalling [incitation] before it actually encourages someone to commit hate crimes."
    Israel -- through its ambassador in Stockholm, Sweden -- is asking Sweden's government to condemn the article, Palmor said.
    When contacted Sweden's Foreign Office had no comment on the report, which was published Tuesday night, only saying that they "have free media" in Sweden

    December 2009 - Israel Admits Harvesting Palestinian Organs

    Bethlehem – Ma’an/Agencies – Israel has confirmed that its forensic scientists in the 1990s took organs from dead bodies, including those of Palestinians, without their families’ consent, an Israeli television report said.

    Israel’s Channel 2 TV aired an interview on Saturday with the former director of the Abu Kabir forensic institute, Dr Yehuda Hiss, in which he admitted to taking skin, corneas, heart valves.

    The report appeared to confirm the premise of an article in the Swedish daily Aftonbladet, which caused an explosive controversy when it appeared in August. The article quoted Palestinians alleging that Israel returned their relatives bodies with their chests sewn up, suggesting organ harvesting.

    Israeli officials denounced the report at the time, labeling it "anti-Semitic," but did not comment on the specific allegations.

    The interview with Hiss was filmed in 2000 by an American academic, Nancy Sheppard-Hughes, a professor of anthropology at the University of California-Berkeley, who said she released the footage in the wake of the Aftonbladet controversy.

    In a response to the TV report, the Israeli military confirmed that the practice took place. "This activity ended a decade ago and does not happen any longer," the military said in a statement quoted by Channel 2.

    In the interview, Hiss describes the steps he and other scientists took to conceal the thefts.

    "We used to take corneas without plucking out the eyes. We used to glue them shut. We did that for the purpose of scientific advancement," Hiss said in the interview.

    "We used to take skin from the backs of dead people, and the families wouldn’t notice that because they buried the dead without turning them over," another pathologist is quoted as saying in the report.

    Hiss said he ignored Israeli law that prohibits harvesting organs without a family’s consent.

    "We used to send organs to Israeli hospitals, particularly Tel Hashomer in Tel Aviv, because many doctors there were friends of mine. We didn’t ask for money in return, but four years later, the hospital gave us a microscope. We also sent organs to Hadassah Hospital, and in return they gave us a video camera that can film corpses from inside," Hiss was quoted as saying.

    According to Channel 2, In 1986, Israel established a skin bank. Skin supplied by the Abu Kibir institute was used in transplants for wounded soldiers and burn patients.

    The right-wing Israeli Knesset member Aryeh Eldad, a plastic surgeon, was also quoted on the program saying, “We had orders to harvest organs without families consent.â€

    Former Israeli MK Arieh Eldad who is a surgeon specialized in plastic surgery and burns said, according to Israeli TV report, "We had orders to harvest organs without families consent."

    Lawsuits were filed against the institute, however, including by the families of Israeli soldiers. One of these came from the father of a soldier, who appeared on the Channel 2 report saying that he opened his son’s coffin to find that his neck was cut and his eyes plucked out.

    Under mounting pressure, Hiss was fired in 1998.

    Israel’s Health Ministry told Channel 2 that all harvesting had been done with permission and, "For the last 10 years, we have been working according to ethics and Jewish law."


  15. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I just felt youd missed the apologetic nature of the Britishe psyche in your original response and amended it accordingly.... FFS, in England there's even an apology for a county (Sorrey - in he South East, next door to Hampshire and Sussex) so it's no surprise that the UK is always apologising.
  16. Now where have I heard that before?

    To me, the State of Israel is an object lesson in what happens when the boot is on the other foot. For what it’s worth, I’m deeply annoyed that our spineless Government should apologise in my name. Regrettably, the Government waving its finger at the Judiciary has become an all too common sight. OK, there've been a number of crap rulings but they have mainly emanated from crap, poorly thought through and badly drafted laws.

    I presume you mean Bobby the Zim boss fellah. Perhaps regrettably, as Head of State, he has Diplomatic Immunity and the travel ban doesn’t preclude him from representing Zim at International summit meetings.
  17. I fully understand why the west especially the USA pour the funds in as they are a useful buffer in that region but over the years they have got away with murder and we have turned a blind eye.

    I was going to say 'Nelson's eye' but to use the immortal memories name to make a point in such a dirty business would be beyond the pale.
  18. I suppose they could be viewed as a “Western†foothold in the Middle East. As regards them being a “bufferâ€, though, they seem to be the focal point for most of the unrest. Turkey seems to be a better buffer than they are; and a damned site less trouble. There again, Turkey “owns†people with a damned site less wealth.
  19. Don't know about the Turks they killed my Granddad in Mesopotamia.
  20. If they wish they may arrest Bliar when he visits them in retaliation with my blessing :D

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