Why is a sea draft so hard to get


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MAs, like Writers 'n' Woos, Engineering Officers, Logistics Officers, Schoolies, Nursies etc., don't go to sea much unfortunately. Once per rate/rank is quite often the "norm".

If you are volunteer for "early out of turn" sea drafts in these branches it's usually quite easy to get to sea ahead of the loafing, salt-water activated sciatica, land-lubber, war-dodgers in the branch if you put your name forward.
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So, because I can, I did a look around DII for you.

1/5th of the drafts available for MAs are at sea, the rest are all shoreside. There are more MA(Cdo) drafts than there are sea-going MA drafts, however many of those are "Shore" (i.e. Cdo Unit Sickbays and CLR Med Sqn); I am not sure how the RN MA/RM MA breakdown works in those units (i.e. if they are actually RN drafts, or because the RM MA come under the RN CMs, they are shown on the jobs list).

As an LMA, under a third of the drafts are at sea, the rest shoreside; PO and CPO have even less sea drafts available.

Long and short of it, go and speak to the CMC about a sea draft, but accept that there may be a list of people ahead of you.

ps - go and speak to the CMC.


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