Why is a sea draft so hard to get

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Merlin28, Sep 21, 2014.

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  1. Been a MA for two years sick of shore establishments with pregnant wrens, downgraded personal who can't do duties and civvy's who couldn't possibly do something outside their working hours or remit. So I have to be seen off all the time, trying to get a sea draft get told I have one but half way through my PJT's I get told I don't have one my chief was mistaken. I just want to get to sea so I can do the other side of my job and increase my promotion chances what is so hard most people I know don't even ant to go to sea or deploy (not sure why they bothered joining up).
  2. Surely dripping to your DO would be a start?

    Do you have to go to sea to get the tick for promotion? If so then you have a good case I would suggest? If not crack on and enjoy it while it lasts

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  3. I presume you've been to sea for your Pt 4 period, and are now a MA in a shore establishment? AFAIK, nearly all the sea drafts are for LMAs, unless you volunteer SM or Cdo.
  4. Not sure who my DO will be when I get back I would have had three by the end of the reporting year due to maternity yet another drip. I can guarantee I will be on duty when I get back though.
  5. To be fair, there aren't THAT many MAs at sea, and a majority of the branch serves ashore. You would've been made aware of that before joining.

    If you can't get a sea draft, how about volunteering for Conmando MA? Less chance of pregnant 'wrens' there.
  6. no I was the only one in my class who wanted sea time and one of the few that got a shore establishment. I guess the commando unit idea isn't a bad one but I joined the RN to get to sea and see some of the world. I am just bored and annoyed that all I have wanted since day one is to get on ship and it hasn't happened yet despite certain people gobbing off about how MA's will be going to sea whether they like it or not. Sorry I just wanted to moan about it.
  7. We had one MA in my entry of 30 (AEM's), the MA fainted when he had his blood taken at Raleigh, never ever saw him again but did hear he made it to CPO

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  8. I am a MA who is doesn't like dentists and apparently this is quite common in my branch.
  9. Not a big fan of crabs! Again not uncommon in my old branch

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  10. Despite the drips of "in my day" responses from certain people on here, in my day you could volunteer to go to sea "early out of turn" which basically jumped you to the top, or near it, on the sea roster.

    I can't remember now but does JPA have that function?

    Maybe you have to request it in writing.

    WindowLickerscribes may be able to help on this one.
  11. Speak to the CMC, but if you're not a LMA I think there aren't many sea drafts available.
  12. sorry wrecker I can just about log in and check my payslip on JPA at a push. I will have to talk to my WTR pal to find out about that.
  13. Why have I got trophies and what does this mean? Is it as throbbing and pointless as I imagine?
  14. Fair enough, it used to confuse the hell out of me as well. Navy News used to run a swap drafts section, would that be an option?
  15. good idea I didn't even know about that will look.
  16. Wrecker, unless things have changed, swop drafts were 'like for like, shore to shore, ship to ship, but not shore to ship.

    I knew a scribbler who would have killed for a sea draft back in 93, but he was told 5 years shoretime minimum, me on the other hand who wanted a 2 or three year shore draft having just got wed, got a draft to a 23 6 months after leaving the Glasgow, funny thing is my oppo left his ship within weeks of me yet he was looking at 5 years - drafty, what a card (there was another scribes with us, got wed got a sea draft in the next post as well, but that was a step passed murder for my oppo)
  17. Have you spoke to your drafter? I know of MA's who get to go to sea on 23's. Also have you looked in volunteering for Argus?
  18. Speak to the CMC. I'll say it again: speak to your CMC. They are the ones with the authority to send you to sea, to swap your draft and anything else to do with your career.
  19. Just had a look through last months online NN and couldn't see anything but I've seen requests for ship-shore and vice versa in there before.
  20. sorry to but in, but what are the chances of an AET getting a sea draft? or do most AET's get shore drafts?

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