Why I'll probably withdraw my application to Join

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by ToryBoy, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. I really want to join, but:
    When my interview was arranged I was told by the AFCO that my medical would be the same day, to make things easier since I have a day job.

    When I arrived for my interview I was told my medical was not booked. (the info wasn't volunteered, I had to ask 'do I have my medical now?' as I was being shown out.

    I was then told the medical would only take a matter on minutes.
    On arrival I was told it would take half a day, and when I said I couldn't stay that long, was spoken to like a piece of shit by some medical officer.

    I then got moaned at by the recruiting officer at the AFCO, for wasting a medical appointment.

    Now I try to contact the AFCO by email, but I'm lucky if I get a reply, and when I do, it never really answers the questions.

    I recently asked the AFCO about the new direct officer entry, and was basically told to find out about it elsewhere, as this AFCO don't deal with it.

    If this is the level of competence, I can't reassure myself, wife and kids, that the organisation is really able to protect me and them very well.
    I know there are risks involved in the AFs but I would like to know they have been reduced as much as possible.

    If rnr can't get such basic things right, how they gonna deal with the big stuff?
  2. Welcome to the Forces mate!!!

    It isnt/wont always be that bad - remember once your "in", you will be within a much smaller group and you tend to look after you own. Right now your part of the sausage factory recruiting process - just a number with no real importance and throughout this time you will pretty much be fcked off by everyone.

    Dont be disheartened by it mate, its just one of these things. In the great scheme of things its no big deal really - its when the start messing about with things like your pay that you should take the hump. Take it on the shoulders, learn from it and move on - DONT however let it put you off joining.

    Good luck

  3. what you have described can at best be described as pitiful.
    some - repeat - some AFCO staff regard RNR as a waste of rations. this attitude is unhelpful at best. don't be put off, contact your local RNR unit and make them aware of this problem ! we want you in our organisation, period.
    but be aware; all reserve force activity is not all sweetness and light. there will be times when your experience may be repeated. i would call this character building. get stuck in ! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Remember when I signed up this toe rag with the green lid told me I had just passed the exam by inches. I always was lacking in the maths dept.

    This was told in front of the other recruits. Well that got the old back up I can tell thee.

    A while later there I was with green lid and para wings on the shoulder and there was the office boy c/sgt with his immaculate green lid and clean nails. He was known for being a Jodrell Banker.
  6. Yes being told your shite in front of others is guaranteed to get the blood boiling. It certainly got my back up recently at work when i was patronised by an instructor in front of a patient i was looking after. I must point out that it wasn't anything i had done clinically, it was to do with a piece of equipment he handed to me that was quite old and i hadn't been trained to use!! My reply to him in front of the patient was "It must make you feel so much more of a man patronising me in front of this lady" What a knob!! :roll:
  7. hi Toryboy - well I can sympathise with your attitude. The only thing I can suggest is that you go ahead anyway and make a mental note not to pass on such unprofessional attitudes to others. I don't know why it should be that some people seem to find it impossible to say 'I'll just check that out for you' when asked a question, and I don't think those in uniforms are any worse than in other walks of life. It's as if people somehow lose face by checking out facts, or are just lazy. Your country needs you - just make sure you don't turn into the same type of tosser. Report back in 5 years please and let us know :)
  8. I agree with everything thats been said. The AFCO seems to be the place not to enquire/join the RNR. Unfortunatley you have to deal with them until you've passed al your pre joining stuff, medical, fitnes, aptitude etc.

    Stick with it, it does get loads better. Despite what you hear on here.

    We do bitch, we do gripe but its only cos we love it and want to make the most of what we can. Once your in you'll be hooked, especially after Raleigh.

    Contact you're local unit, it should be easier cos they want you in and will do a bit of chasing for you.
  9. Abolutely contact your local Unit. Speak to the Chief Writer, or to the XO if you phone during the day, or find out who the recruiting officer is and contact them. I have only had positive experiences with AFCOs but it only takes one bad apple...

    I think you can reasonably expect the RNR Unit to come down hard on anyone in the AFCO who is not fulfilling their professional duty, but this is a separate matter and one to distance yourself from once you have made your point, leaving it to be settled via the chain of command!
    The RNR Unit clearly won't want to allow an AFCO to continue operating in a way that shows the Navy in a disgraceful light, and one which is counterproductive (I think that's the longest word I've managed to get on RumRation so far :)) to recruiting.

    Very sorry to hear you had a bad experience, but don't chuck in the towel. A big part of being a reservist is being flexible as something will always change in the equation, be it your regular employer, the reserves or family life, and we do sometimes have to endure some inconvenience to fulfill our commitment to the Navy. The fact that this has been caused by one of 'our team' is inexcusable, but the way you handle it will be as much a test of your suitability as any!
  10. Thanks to everyone for the comments.
    You really have shown me that it will get better, and that there is the potential for great comeradery the other side of the joining process.

    You should all be proud of the way you've persuded me to continue. You do the service proud.

    I did want to continue, but was just wilting with the upheaval of it.

    Many Thanks, I'll get on to the unit.

  11. ToryBoy.

    Hang on in there and don't be disheartend. It will only get better. As already mentioned by other, contact your local unit and get down there to see what its all about. Our unit has recently formed a Recruiting Dept led by a Lt Cdr who is assisted by a Lt, S/Lt, CPO, 3 X LH and 1 AB and the whole ships company on a voluntary basis when we run recruiting events. We have a recruiting trailer which we send out on a regular basis and we also run advertisments on radio and in the press. We have a very good working relationship with our local AFCO. On our last drive we had 150 interested applicants who are currently being processed with the help of AFCO. As a unit we keep in constant contact with these applicants to keep them informed of what stages they are at throughout the process so that at no time do they start to think they are being forgotten about.
    Can you drop me a private message letting me know what AFCO you were referring to , many thanks and dont give up
  13. You might wanna think about simply going to a different office and having them continue with your recruitment. When I was told that they couldn't fit me in for any tests till AFTER my training course started and so I'd have to wait another 5 months to get in I simply rang around offices until I found one that had earlier tests available. Now I'm hoping you don't all think it was simply me leaving it too late because I had sent my forms in 2 months before hand but they must have "misplaced" them. Luckily I found a decent AFCO and did the whole process in less than a week n half. Think they were just glad to be recruiting, it's always a bit quiet in there. :lol:

    Good luck with it all mate and just keep in there, well worth it just for the PLX weekend :wink:

    p.s. there is a down side to this however as there was about 5 of me floating around the computer system by the end of it all but I like to see it as their problem for messing me around. Me. Spiteful?! :twisted:
  14. I would just like to thank everyone for their responses and efforts made for me.

    I got a letter and an emial from the AFCO just a couple of days after you offered help, and it's now sorted.

    Thanks so much.

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