Why? ffs


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Ninja_Stoker said:
NZ_Bootneck said:
Blimey, in my day all we had to worry about was the Greek Fire.

When I joined, Swan Vestas hadn't got as far as the Hellenic mainland.

When I joined the Dead Sea was just reporting sick.


When I joined we didn't have official numbers cos I knew the other bloke !


So what the fcuk does CBRNDC mean?

Going past Collingrad the other day I noticed that the Leadership School is now an ACADEMY!! What is that all about? When the troops pass the course do they now become ACADEMICIANS?

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Ahh the Royal Navy Leadership school where you learn fack all except how to lie ironically.
'Yes this course isnt a tick in the box for my next promotion, i aim to get loads out of this course, oh yes throwing a couple of planks across an imaginary chasm, yes i feel personally developed already'.
6 weeks of my life that i can never get back.
Imaginery chasm!

My first experience of the practical leadership skills was to get myself, my squad and a couple of oil barrels across an imaginery chasm.

Imaginery chasm, Staff?

Yes, imaginery chasm, Leader Streaky.

So I threw a heaving line across the imaginery chasm, and said "Right, you and you pick up those oil barrels and follow the rest of us on this imaginery tightrope across the imaginery chasm."

Guess who was doing incentive press ups for taking the piss?
sometimes when I think this website is beyond redemption, along comes one of those threads to bring a smile to my face!

I have two weeks of enforced sick leave so please keep it up or I will go mad.



NZB, many thanks for the explanation, but what has happened to the "Damage Control and Firefighting" bit?

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rod-gearing said:
Do they still teach ships husbandry courses as well.
RN painting by numbers as we called it.

The amazing thing I always found when detailed to attend a Ship Husbandry (painting) course, besides being about as interesting as watching the "ship husbandry" dry, was that the guy teaching it seemed genuinely interested in it. Jack Sparrow had the right idea painting eyeballs on his eyelids - presumably he did the same course as me.

A good course that. The only thing that stuck in my mind was that whenever you get a paintbrush - drill a hole in the handle. Can't remember why and nor have I ever done it, but it seemed to make sense at the time. (Even though matelots only ever use a paintbrush brush once before discarding).

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