why dont you get a beer ration on T boats

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by ET(MESM)whogivesafeck, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. just wondering as joining T boats next month
  2. Trafalgar class
  3. You do get beer on aT boat, but no-one drinks at sea (at least when I was on Trenchant in 1990) and I cant see things will have changed
    As a part 3 beer should be the last thing on your mind, you will only be allowed in the mess for meals and the odd break until you qualify
  4. You'll find that on most boats you don't drink at sea the exception being the V boats, but their not really part of the Royal Navy far less the Submarine Service.

    (Stand-by for crash dive!!)
  5. Best time to drink is Channel night if that still happens.
  6. Should have been a skimmer drink drink drink away :).
  7. thats why they are all called T-boat willy biters.Bombers you can drink,some of the best parties I have had have been at 200 ft on patrol .Just ask TridentD5 eh Del?.But dont ever go on watch pissed .
  8. Tenchant the tins werein hand and cracked at the pipe "fall out harbour stations"when we got along side.
  9. not botherd about when still unqualified but when qualified would like a tinny here and there remember when on smq dry in guzz found the senior rates stash under bench in mess
  10. umm have i missed something, where else can we stow them, We are dry at sea, thats the mess general consensus not a rule, but when we pull in to a base or a Jolly or whatever we still need to stock the fridge up in the hotel .... and some bin bags can drink when duty, and there is always the Channel Night,,,,, :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp: :tp:

  11. fkn you can talk m8,, umm well you couldent that day lol,,CSB with Cornflakes cant beat it...
  12. Channel nights are by my experience are a thing of the past, which not a bad thing - the crew hammered during the most constrained navigational time ahead.

    They are in frowned upon to say the least.

    Booze + reactor x ammunition x high pressure systems x submerged = accident.

    In my opinion those who do not drink at sea have got it right. Plenty of time to destroy the bars in the next port of call.
    The RN has moved on, for the worse in some cases, but in regards to drinking the better I think.

    Oh course some idiots do.......and it is not nice having them next to you when things go wrong. Instead of support they become a handicap.
  13. cheers for that 2 clips a decent answer
  14. what the fcuk is that brazenhussy trout doing on a submariners forum
  15. wasnt brazen didnt log her out and i posted so shut the fcuk up
  16. shut the **** up you sprog mutherfucker get the **** back in your non qualified box and change your user name you havent earned the title so dont wear the ******
  17. its alright mate
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, welcome to the Submarine brotherhood everyone seems so proud to promote?! :roll:
  19. ETME come on mate we had a chat about this. You dont have your skimmer muckers on this forum to cry to.Sort it out!

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