Why does the RN not enjoy Seafarers tax breaks?

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by wurz, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. OK I know your not entitled to your tax back. However, at the mo I'm working with a pedant of a mivvy who couldn't believe it. A quick web search produced nothing so I thought a slacker on here would know the reason. Ideally with reference.

  2. Probably because an RN ship is UK territory. A few years ago Ronnie Biggs visited a ship in Rio and technically he could have been arrested as he was on British soil.
    However it is wrong, why should RN sailors be treated differently to Merchant seamen?
    Many years ago I was tax free status for three years. However I was only allowed on UK soil for 89 days of the year and while here was not allowed to work in any capacity, else tax free status was lost. I was allowed to attend training courses however.
  3. It is because you are on UK terrority all HMS vessels and bases are classed as that.
  4. Slim's right. AND check this out:
    Due to the UK territory line, if a ship is on anti-piracy ops and they arrest a pirate from a muslim country, the pirate can ask for asylum as if he is returned to his own country, he could conceivably be subject to capital punishment - unbe-fcuking-lievable.

    Not sure how the pongos and crabs enforce the UK territory line though.
    Any ideas?
  5. Off thread :w00t: Hms Danae :thumright: The Tee Shirts that were made after Ronnies visit . had the words, "Its good here int says Ronnie Biggs" :thumright:
  6. On my draft in Honky Fid, I spent more time down the Wanch than on 'British territory' but I didn't get any form of rebate.
  7. I'm only going by what we got told lol My dad in the Merchant Navy laughed at me and my brother as he got rebates and we didn't.
  8. this subject has been going on since Pontious Pilot was a Midshipman.
  9. Personaly i doubt the legality, and wonder if anyone has ever taken it to court!

    I served 17 years in the RN, leaving in 2003, and it was discussed many times after a few beers in the mess.

    I now work onboard a Seismic survey vessel (oil and gas exploration).

    As long as i spend 183 days out of the UK in any 12 month period, then i don't pay any tax, i have paid no tax since leaving the RN.

    The rule is definitely 183 days out the country for a seaman on a vessel, oil rigs, jack up barges etc do not qualify, the vessel must operate under its own propulsion.

    You can also use a holiday as days out the country, i have many times!

    The rule was brought in in the first place to address the shortage of merchant seamen.

    Somebody in the RN should take this to court, you might get lucky,
    you certainly deserve as much as any civvy seaman

    All the best

  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    1. One hundred and eighty three days of any year out of the UK on a warship? Methinks the question has been answered!

    2. If parity with merchant seafarers were granted, the Treasury would see the 'bonus' as a good reason to keep RN pay down even though very few would qualify unless there was an expeditionary war in the offing.

    3. RFAs are sovereign territory. RFA personnel qualify.

    4. Crown servants don't qualify, stand fast RFA personnel. See para 2.

    Subtle insult there QDPO. Why not take away Jack's weekends and station leave for added equality?

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