Why does the church contain so many Paedophiles

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. You could say why are there so many foxes near the chicken farm! That is where the pickings are. For chicken farm please add landfill site. God bless Macs and Kentucky Fried Chicken for keeping the fox population healthy.
  2. Would you say that used to apply to homosexuals in the navy? Please note - I am not suggesting there is any link between homosexuals of either sex and paedophiles.
  3. It's a bit of a surprise that Men of God might be less than holy when it comes to children. Oh, maybe not. Given the high-profile cases involving some who have looked for proximity to children in the youth organisations, education and churches of many denominations, you would have thought that the CofE would have got its act together by now. What should be looked upon as a bastion of morality is, in fact, a cess pit in which the morally bankrupt can wallow with seeming impunity.

    Religion? Give me strength!
  4. It seems the vast majority of the sexual abuse by "men of the cloth" comes from the within Catholic Church (not all I stress, but most). Perhaps this has something to do with the vow of celibacy, something that is alien to most of humankind. At least the CofE clergy can marry and have normal sexual relations, denying a man (even a man of the cloth) sexual activity is bound to screw them up one way or another. Or maybe that's just total b*llocks.....
  5. What makes you think that the RN attracted a higher than normal percentage of homosexuals?
    I left in the mid 80s and though I knew a few homosexuals there were very few. during my time I knew of one CEL(A) when I was on 800 squadron he was the squadron regulator and was liked by all, one steward also on Eagle who was discharged. He was a demolition expert, seems he was caught blowing a man up. And when on Ark Royal many years ago a CPO writer. Again a man respected by the ships company, eventually his cover was blown and the next time I saw him he was a third officer on an RFA we were rasing from.
    None of the above men caused any problems with us heterosexuals and I never heard of anyone being approached.
    So three men plus a few more in 22 years, not exactly a large percentage. Perhaps things have changed now. Just think it would have been legal on the Eagle and a Lark on the Ark.
  6. I was on the Ark at that time too Slim on 800 sqadron. He was stood goofing at us.
  7. Did not the late J H Christ say "suffer little children to come unto me" (Luke 18.16)

    Blame the big fellah.
  8. Nobody has caused more trouble than the Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild.
  9. Slim, LOL! It was simply a question sparked by backpacker's 'foxes near the chicken farm' comment, similar to your original query re vicars and paedophiles vice other occupations.
  10. ANYBODY who abuses kids physically or sexually should be put away!!Overcrowded jails? Nope. Just castrate the feckers and toss them overboard!
  11. If only that were true. I give you any variation on God or Jesus. The more pious, it seems the worse they get and not just in terms of paedophilia. The bullying and abuse by Irish catholic religious orders exposed a couple of years ago, as well as the massive problems in the USA show just how deep-rooted problems can become in so-called religious communities.
  12. The Catholic church has always shrounded itself in secrecy, one of the reasons for its' strength; secrecy is power, and more to the point fear.
    Confusion about sexuality abounds within the narrow confines of that church and it starts at the top. The present pope asked that those with with deep rooted homosexual feelings refrain from joining the priesthood.
    This was in response to the continuing allegations of sexual abuse by priests; thus even the main man confuses homosexuality with child abuse.
    Priests have until recently, and may well still do in certain parts of the world, hold a great deal of power over their flock. In Ireland a generation ago few would have dared argue with a priest; now thankfully the situation is different and Europe is become more and more secular.
    Go to any Catholic church now and I'll bet you will see that the majority of the congregation have their roots elsewhere than Europe, the church is spreading its' net wider to keep in business.
    Each and every religious organisation needs to take a long hard look at itself, and then, do something about it.
    A direct answer to the original question I cannot give, but reckon the secrecy aspect has a lot to do with it.
    Interesting question and obviously something a lot of people want to comment on.
    Good debate.
    All the best.
  13. speaking as someone raised in the Catholic Church, a large portion to blame rests on some souls who saw a very real need for more priests in the church, and chose to lean on the vow of obedience that every priest, nun and brother takes to not report to the police or to outside the Church.
  14. Are you sure there isn't a link? It seems that every church scandal involving male priests also involved young male parishioners. I don't know about the UK but here in the States the gay rights lobby screams bloody murder every time that someone dares to link homosexuality (deviant behavior) and paedophilia (also deviant behavior). Birds of a feather maybe? I would be interested to see statistics on this issue if someone knows where to find them. NOTE: Before someone labels me as homophobic, I'm not. Deviant behavior between two consenting adults isn't in the same ballpark as an adult coercing a minor into performing sex acts.
  15. I suspect you'll find that they're the ones more likely to make the papers.

    In response to the initial question I'd just highlight that exposure in the media doesn't actually mean that a problem is more or less widespread than in other fields.

    There are cases of priests involved with female parishioners, and indeed with male parishioners which just aren't considered newsworthy, mainly because they're not.

    I have a feeling that the issue is probably no more prevalent than it is in other areas, such as medicine, teaching etc where opportunity is increased.
  16. wots there to wonder, everyone needs there hole!?!?!?!.....................even priests!!!
    when at primary school, was around irish catholic priests who had no time for kids, why they where put in the vicinity of them was beyond me, even then, schoolteachers wouldnt have gotten away whith their behaviour, fukn *********!, so, now, 20 years later, nothing about this fukn stupit organisation surprises me!!!!
  17. Statistically most victims of RCC Priests have actually been females (well documented by both British & American Catholic victims' support groups), but this has been intentionally underplayed by the RCC whilst man-boy abuse has been focussed upon. Interestingly until a few years ago the Christian Institute claimed that heterosexual, inter-familial child abuse was almost unknown despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a position interestingly taken by other Christian fundamentalist lobby groups in the USA such as Focus on the Family which along with the right-wing media have sought to associate paedophilia with homosexuality. This has then been used, and continues to be used, to justify denying human rights to gays. Interestingly whilst all these groups insist that homosexuality is chosen and that everyone is actually heterosexual, they then go on to undermine their own thesis by then asserting (falsely as it happens) that paedophilia is more common amongst homosexuals. The prevalence is in fact no different, though conviction data appears to contradict this. The latter arises through the difficulty in successfully prosecuting men who abuse girls. This is not helped by a senior editors who, as Private Eye pointed out some years ago, regard man-girl sexual abuse as acceptable and so rarely report it.

    During my childhood the Catholic Church taught that reporting any inappropriate behaviour by Clergy/Catholic teachers MUST be kept within the Church as it would be ruthlessly exploited by the Protestants to attack and undermine the authority of the Church. When one of our English Masters was caught in the back of his white Volkswagen van (where he lived, in the school grounds - believe it or not) by a teacher that had already got a job at another school behaving inappropriately with a few young boys he was invited to resign with a good reference rather than the police being involved. The school authorities tried to hush it up, but of course they failed - most of us quickly found out what happened. Had it not been for the teacher who reported it having already secured another job, I doubt they would even have sacked the English teacher. They would probably have done what they always did: threaten the victims - the classic response by authorities to bullying or abuse, whether at school or in the workplace!

    I suggest you study the criminal statistics published by the Home Office on this topic (not to mention the Church of England's own data, which you can consult via Lambeth Palace Library). I recall that some 20% of sex offenders were regular church goers. When you reflect that around 6% of Britons attend church on a regular basis this clearly demonstrates that churches attract paedophiles. In fact church goers are statistically more likely to abuse children than non-church goers - and this I think is the reason why conservative Christians are so keen to divert public attention onto homosexuals rather than confront unpalatable facts. These data do NOT however mean that Christians are more likely to abuse children. What these data do mean is that churches draw in paedophiles because of the opportunities they present for access to children, just as does any occupation where adults have contact with children. Denial of this fact by the church simply means that it provides a safer environment for paedophiles to abuse children. Let me also be clear that we are discussing serial abusers here, not people, typically men, who have abused "just" one or two victims.

    Incidentally when BBCs Newsnight was looking into this the Catholic Church refused to cooperate with the BBC, accusing it of being bigoted against the Catholic Church - a charge persistantly made by the RCC whenever its cover-ups of paedophilia are discussed by non-Catholics. The church would do well to remember that most of its most virulent critics are themselves, so-called "lapsed" Catholics.
  18. Paedohiles come from the entire 'broad church' (excuse the pun) of sexuality.
    It is a part of sexuality that is not tolerated.
    And I do label you as homophobic because your comments, the only thing I can judge you on, plainly are.
    Simple as that.
  19. Sussex,

    I do not know much about this subject, nor I am sure I want to but I do not understand your 'broad church' remark. If a bloke/woman prefers grown up members of the opposite or same sex (IE legal age +) are you suggesting they also fancy kids - cannot see it myself, except in a very small percentage who are already primarily paedophiles.

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