Why does it always have to be about who you shag?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by alacrity174, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/8197306.stm

    Ok I'm getting sick and tired of this carp, I really don't care who you shag, man, woman, plastic blow up Batman, FFS get over it. Stonewall is doing themselves no favours by dragging this up. Why should a footballer who happens to be batting for the other team feel the need to tell everyone? If you're gay fine it's your life I really don't care and to be honest I don't want to know who you're shagging, that goes for all these bloody WAGs too, not part of the game on the pitch and I don't care.

    Right then time for tea.
  2. Just as well as your missarse was awesome!! :wink: :D

    Edited to note this was very much tongue in cheek and no offence was meant to the point where i'm sued, beaten up, threatened etc etc!!!
  3. You're a married man now, careful what you post. Gotta do the jack standard...got any phots of Mrs XRD..do you want some :wink:

    Sorry..just had to say it
  4. So you're the bar steward who has been leaving slug trails in my sheets and not leaving any cash on the dresser, knew I'd find out who it was sooner or later. Where should I send the bill?
  5. Nice response oppo. Good to see the old sense of humour police havent completely spoilt the site in my absence!!
  6. I say what i like regardless of being married or not matey!! Been with the missarse 10 years so its not really any different. And in response to your phots comments, yes i do have oodles of phots of my essence wife although being a bum fun loving matlot i would have thought that this here Royal and his essence persona was more to your liking!!! :D
  7. Not sure this was about who footballers are or arnt sleeping with more to do with the crowd and how someone shouting out to a black/asain player "oi you daft poof sort it out my nan could do better" no one would batter an eye lid!! but if the same moron stood up and shouted "oi you monkey what was that me nan could do better" everyone with in ear shot would go loopy and ask the stewards to throw him out, and rightly so. So I ask ya what message is that sending out to young kids in football grounds?

    Its might sound like a sound bite but there really is no place for it football or any other public arena including schools, if you were raceist in my school youd be expelled straight away but we all ran around calling every thing "gay" and no one said a thing that cant be right!!
  8. Your're my son remember...incest is definitely out, your sister however has a caveat :lol:
  9. So you were the fcuker that did a runner when i was 3 months old...........dad come back!!! 8O :roll:

    Actually i was raised by monkies but thats another story!!! :wink:
  10. Come back and have to pay you all that backdated CSA money...you'll have to find me first
  11. Sorry to burst your bubble there shipwreck but Mr Stonewall did say that there are No openly Gay footballers. Also what's so bloody bad about calling someone a poof? so what get a life in the real world you will get called a lot worse. FFS it's only an insult if you let it get to you, other than that water off a ducks back.
  12. Maybe not but is that a local delicacy?

    Anyway, send for Peter Tatchell. He would bring the voice of reason and restraint into the round football game.
  13. Why not? :)
  14. I think that the whole point of the crowd shouting 'homophobic' abuse at a player is purely to try put him off his game. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it will spur them on to play better. After the match is over I seriously doubt anyone really cares if a player's gay or not. The talk in the pub after the match will be about who won or lost and the crap decisions the ref made.
  15. Ah recollections of 1970's football,

    Zigger zagger zigger, Regis is a N....r,

    Where's you wife gone Stanley Bowles? 8O :D :D
  16. We also had a chant just after we let one of our better players go. Tony Ford, who was somewhat well tanned.

    We want our N....r back. This was actuallymeant as a compliment 8O
  17. In some ways i agree but also whats wrong with calling someone a "coon" "nigger" "jungle bunny" "wog" "spade" or "smelly paki" because if you did SHIPWRECK you'd find alot of people would be upset and like you said there only insults!! Whats wrong is that judgeing somebody because of some thing they can not help ie race sexuality class or creed is backwards, wheres insulting someone based on evidence is ok with me so on the evidence i have about yourself.......your a PRAT PAL
  18. Would the same be said if the crowd were trying to put a black player off his game? i can see it now "i aint a raceist guv i only through the banna to pit him off" this is nonsence giving people stick based on things they can not change is blatent bullying and we should be ashamed to allow it to happen up and down the country week in week out, in my mind theres nothing different about abuseing someone based on race or sexuallity there both rotton things to do simple!!
  19. Christ you don't arf go on!!! :roll:
  20. Werqpr, quit hiding behind that skirt and come out as the raving hat rack you are, that way we can all call you Shirley

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