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Why does it always happen to me?!


War Hero
If you gits wish a good laugh at my fcuking shite luck. Google Worcester news, pensioner crashes car into Co op store for 9/4/16/ also contains a photograph of me. Handsome bastard enni! On the serious side nobody was killed and I owe a big debt of gratitude to a female paramedic who got me to hospital within the golden hour. jesse


War Hero
If you had been a more superior being you would have crashed into a Waitrose ;)
Hope you are OK mate


Jesus Christ, unlucky but lucky at the same time.

Get well soon.


I cry Walt

The retired prison officer, who also served in the Royal Mail, said he has kept thinking 'what if' since returning home to recover.

You have been outed by the Worcester news Jesse.

Seriously though, take care Jesse. BZ to the paramedic and the hospital, results are not so good if proper treatment is not given so fast to Stroke victims


War Hero
Super Moderator
Looking good for 77 there Jesse, get well soon, hopefully the barber's shops still functioning ;)


War Hero
When you say, "Why does it always happen to me?", are you implying that this is a regular ocurrence? :eek:;)

Get well soon Jesse.


War Hero
You're supposed to take one of these into the shop -


Next time, do your weekly shop on line matey.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery Jesse.



War Hero
You can pay for any damage from your CO_OP Dividend. Hope you can remember your store members number;)


War Hero
Hope you have your no claims bonus protected on your insurance, they will be will pissed having to rebuild a Co-Op after you demolition job?

Get well and slow down, the luck was with you, it could have happened at speed on an open road?
new shopping wheels for you.upload_2016-5-24_12-44-49.jpeg


Book Reviewer
I was wondering what the insurance bill will be, presumably Co-op will cliaim loss of earnings plus repairs, shop asst will want dosh, Jessies motor probably needs a couple of scratches cover etc.


War Hero
I was wondering what the insurance bill will be, presumably Co-op will cliaim loss of earnings plus repairs, shop asst will want dosh, Jessies motor probably needs a couple of scratches cover etc.
Steady on Janner,we want him to recover and not die through worry about the insurance bill.(assuming he had some in the first place of course)


War Hero
Just tell them that you thought it was the NAAFI shop you were destroying cos they ripped you off for so many years
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