Why do you want to join the Royal Navy?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by QUATE8203, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Honestly?
  2. Breakfast in bed.
  3. I like the Navy, it's the life for me
    I like the ships and I like the sea.
  4. A paying holiday really
  5. All the nice girls like a sailor. We know a song about that don't we Billy?
  6. Cos the doles crap :oops:
  7. To be honest, I think that alot of people join the forces because they know that they aren't going to have a career they would be proud of any where else.

    I'm just asking this as I'm thinking about what I'm going to say when I'm asked this question in my interview, and having been in the Army and left after a year (just before I turned 18) I'm gonna have to have a mighty fine couple of reasons for why I want to join!

    Expecting the 'Why do you think you will like the Royal Navy any more than you did the Army'

  8. That may be your reason. I think a lot of members here and those still serving will find that remark just a tad insulting. :evil:
    The reasons why people join are as different as people themselves.
    A desire not to be stuck in an office all day (Until they reach SNCO level anyway).
    A potentially exciting career, with lots of scope for Trade Training and advancement for those willing to pull finger.
    Standby for Action types.
    A lifelong (well 18 years or so) of interest in the Forces instilled by family members having served or having been to the Royal Tournament (In My Day) or some display.
    I'd say the desire for a reasonably paid and stable job enters the equation at some point but I'd doubt it would be top of the list for most.
  9. It seemed like a good idea at the time?
  10. If you don't know why you want to join sunshine how do you expect us to?

    How about don't?
  11. I had that question.

    Think he was impressed when I said that I like the RN hats better.

    That was a joke btw...

    As NZ_Bootneck rightly says, "The reasons why people join are as different as people themselves."

    Personally I want a change of life, to belong to something greater, working for a reason and a reason to work.

    Did I also mention world peace and a cure for AIDS?
  12. I know why I want to join I'm just sick of the same.. "I didn't like the Army because digging holes in mountains then sleeping inside that hole for a week was not for me... - So how do you know this 'wont be for you' and that you will just leave during training?" kinda crap.
  13. I told them i wanted to join to see the penguins in their natural habitat - the WO at the time said 'well at least your honest' - i was in within a year.
    And i still havent seen a penguin
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  14. I wanted to join because the ships looked so clean and shiny.
    And after I joined, I discovered who kept them that way.

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  15. Your fault for joining the Brigade of Cornish Tin Miners mate.
  16. I only went in to get out of the rain, and the Chief wouldn't let me go!
  17. :wav:
  18. So you lived in a hole for a week? Doh, were you Infantry? then guess what that was your job. What did you do for the other 51 weeks that you were in for?
    Sure Basic Training, then Phase 2 but after that you must have had some good times, if not then perhaps the Forces just aren't for you. Changing the colour of the uniform won't help much.
    What Branch are you trying for?
    Seaman Spec..You'd better like painting and housework.
    Electrician, hope you like spaghetti, jolts and working in tight spaces.
    WAFU how long can you sleep a day?
    Etc etc. Every trade or job has it's downside you just have to work through it and make the most of your day until the good bits come around.
  19. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Snazzy white uniforms and cocktail parties.

    Oh yes and the desire to work from 0730 till midnight answering emails, giving orders and then spending all day making sure they are carried out, getting a bollocking for things that are not my fault but I am an officer and so can't abdicate responsibility merely delegate it, sitting in a freezing ops room getting to shoot down pretend airplanes (I like that bit), having to filling endless paperwork on nothing important or which has no relevance to OC/the mission...... I could go on.

    Would I change it - never. Still, to this day like saying "I'm a Navy Officer" when people ask what I do.

    The real reason - Sea Cadets

    Edited as the red wine has kicked in.
  20. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    My heart bleeds for you. It's such a tough life being an Officer. I believe the first part, the uniform and the parties. The rest sounds nothing like any of the Gunnery Officers that I served with. I was the 'Old' CPO(GI) who was the scapegoat on many occasion. (Actually I always fancied being an Officer ever since I was refused entry into the Monte Carlo Casino whilst wearing my best No 1 suit.)
    I joined because my brother was already in and he spun me too many yarns of life as Jolly Jack. I don't regret my time in the Andrew one bit.

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