why do you want to be in the Navy son?

Cos at the age of 10/11 I was onboard HMS Active on a families day and my bro was a Buntin on there. During the day out at sea I was strapped to a 20mm oerlikon and allowed to let rip at a flare.

From that day I wanted to go to sea and do that. That is what I did. If it flies it dies!
It seemed like a good idea at the time too.

That really was the reason. I was age 20, bought a paper, got on the bus, started reading the paper.

In the paper was an ad for the RN. It seemed OK so when I got to town, I went into the RN Careers Office and asked for some brochures.

That was pretty much it really - no previous Navy experience or relatives in the mob.
dabbzie said:
but surley in your interview thats not what you told em? or didnt they ask
I didn't actually say "I dunno why but I'm interested in the Navy", but this was 1985 when the Navy was a lot larger and waiting times were practically nil.

Nowadays reasons for joining are probably more important due to the competition for places.
Now I haven't actually joined up yet but my reasons for wanting to join are as follows:

- I am so bored of my job
- There is more to life than working sitting staring at a screen at pivot tables and speaking to cnuts on the phone
- I want to travel around on big boats (probably won't do much as Logs Officer though)
- Seems like a rather unique career that you can justifiably be extremely proud of
- Excellent career prospects and training opportunities
- Sports
- What Daffy said

Just some of the reasons. Sorry, just been reading through some older threads, and on what is supposedly the most depressing day of the year, I want to start now.
All my family were ex-mob including the Army, thankfully no crabs plus I grew up in an Army town with a crab base up the road and wanted to get the fcuk out of it and see the world and be paid for doing it.


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I hate my current job, and i mean i REALLY hate it, i work for a bunch of ******* who take great pleasure in screwing you over to gain an advantage and i only work at a builders merchant for gods sake!

I too see this as a fantastic opportunity to better myself (im 30 applying for NA, ACH) i want to get my teeth stuck in to something and its not everyday i can tell people i want work for the greatest navy in the world!!

Well they're my reasons anyway
Worked two civilian jobs and fcuking loathed them both, the sheer pointlessness of doing a meaningless job just for money whilst surrounded by narrowminded cnuts makes me want to drink bleach. Dad's army so got a fair bit of travel growing up and acquired a taste for it and want to see even more of the world. Would like to do mine own little bit to for the greater good (I know, I'm a big wet idealist) whether it be chasing pirates/drugsmuggerlers or even some fighting. Also want to see if I've got what it takes to command and the pay/pensions not too bad.
I was pissed off with my job 6 days aweek for a pittance.
Saw advert Be a man join the seamans branch.
So of to Preston I went. Did test. Next da y Liverpool for medical.
Week later Preston for interview. 3 weeks after letter and rail warrant.
Join H.M.S Raleigh 3rd March 1974. :p


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Born and brought up near Faslane on the Clyde and always saw subs, frigates and destroyers pottering about, also always seeing merchantman going up and down the river with new ships doing their first voyage. Always seemed to remind me there was a big world out there that I wanted to see, so I followed in my dad's and granddads footsteps and joined up.
That was nearly 19 years ago and I am still visiting places I have never been (Went general service, not submariner) :)
Since I was I kid, I always wanted to join the RAF and fix planes. At the age of 15, I went to a careers fair that had recruiters from the Police, Fire Brigade, all three Services, local council and local businesses etc. I hung around for ages waiting to chat to the RAF recruiters. When I finally got to chat to them, a snotty condescending cnut of a Corporal told me that the only available jobs were RAF copper or Chef, he didn't sell the RAF at all and gave me the impression that it was my privilege to join them. Quite rightly I told them to ram it and had a chat with the Pongos instead.

Percy had some exciting opportunities and offered me the chance to apply for a place at Wellbeck College and to eventually go to Sandhurst since my predicted GCSEs were just good enough. Unfortunately trainees at Wellbeck are unpaid and I needed some wedge fairly sharpish, it would also have meant waiting until I was 17 which wasn't an option.

Just as I was giving up hope, I heard a tannoy announcement saying that there would be a presentation by the RN in such and such a theatre at 1400. I thought fcuk it, I'll check it out. At the time I knew literally nothing about the Navy and to be honest I was fairly put off by the gay jokes etc. Anyway I went to the presentation and was the only one there. The Chief showed me the recruiting vid, which I didn't find particularly exciting and then proceeded to spin me some of the best travelling and pissing up dits I have ever heard.

As a 15 year old, to be told that I could spend my life sailing around the World earning a lot of cash and trapping loads of women, it pretty much blew my mind. The Chief explained that my aspirations to fix aircraft could be met, but it was considerably more fun shooting them down and I should become a dabber instead (looking back the fact that the OM branch was hugely undermanned may have had a part to play in his advice!)

The best part was that I could apply straight away, which I did. The careers fair was in April, I turned 16 in June and I joined in October, best thing I ever did.
Dad was a matelot (Crusher :oops: ).
Mum was instrumental in convincing me it was a grand life (G Spot was a bit stiff though), but never looked back, even when I dipped a rate a couple of times.
Left because I got hitched - big mistake (hitching and leaving the mob), and regretted leaving ever since.
Attempted re-entry in 82, but Mr Nott wasn't having it, so ended upo going oveseas again with BAe.
The old man and I always said that if we could turn back the clock, it would be enlist, but not get married.



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I was actually being given a sales pitch from Plymouth University amongst others. They gave me a shiny brochure to take home. Part of the sales pitch was something along the lines of "in your free time you can relax on Plymouth Hoe and watch the Royal Navy ships leaving port bound for all parts of the world"........ suddenly occured to me that actually on the ship may be more fun - next day off to Brum careers office. 23 years later they realised i had been loafing for over 2 decades and pensioned me off :D :D :D :D

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