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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sumo, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. After the slating given out last week about posts good bad and in the right or wrong place, I thought I would post a thread, Why do you like Rum Ration
    I have been kind of lucky that my first 14 years of jobs where pusser related so saw lots of jack and ex-jack to speak too.
    My new role at home is working for aviation, with almost no ex- jack to speak too and the ones that are hear have been here so long they just work. I find I work better with a bit of dit spinning time, my partner in crime at my last job was an ex-crab and and ex-TA, my regular project Man was an ex-bomber queen so I had to slum it a bit.
    So finding RR has given me an outlet I missed or should I say I did not even know I missed, sort of likeminded people, to spin dits with and know there is no malice intended.:toothy8:

    Posted in DL's saves it having to be moved
  2. I like it because I can sling shit (and receive it) although I still work within the submarine world so get the best of both.
  3. RR gets a thumbs up from me. If some folk take offence or get the wind up over a post - up to them. If a 'delicate' subject comes up - don't fucking read it! Simple.

    Nah, it all works fer me!
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  4. Like Waspie said. Only here for fun.
  5. RR is fine. Keeps a smile on my face most of the time.

    If anyone gets wound up about the occasional post so what ? nobody is forced to log on.
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  6. Working as I do, in the I.T. (Cyber-Threat) Section here in GCHQ Cheltenham, I track many Military Forums in order to ensure that nothing of a classified nature is being posted or discussed and I have been monitoring RR for a few years now - no please ignore that, I'm a nightwatchman at a secure caravan storage facility on the edge of Dartmoor and it gets boring. Honest - I DO NOT monitor on-line quasi-military forums and chat-rooms for security breaches nor do I gather intelligence on possible UK based terrorist cells...no really, just a poxy Security Guard is all and I'm in here because you all virtually have the same sense of humour, and that keeps me sane.


    p.s. Then again - I could be telling porkies.
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  7. - I could be telling porkies about which bit in particular or do we have to ask specific Q's whilst pulling you finger nails off? he said politely not wanting to upset the masses:kermit::toothy10::sign11:
  8. I'm on here because my imaginary friend stopped talking to me.
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  9. Lucky bar-steward. I longed for a friend!!
  10. Didn't know you were a crusher Waspie!
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I most enjoy reading really surreal, long-winded irrelevant text posted by those with challenging usernames like "Nk71735ej7sesj" containing obscure links to Chinese machine parts catalogues, synthesised pharmaceutical products and the laughable concept that suggests my manhood needs vast enhancement, chortle, chortle.

    The other dross I can take or leave tbh.
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  12. I tell everyone I have lots of new friends now, you, Sumo, Wrecks, Andy, I don’t tell them about Rummers I think he is just one of the voices I hear in my head
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  13. I love it here because I have no friends and that's the way I like it, as I am a gloomy old bastard who sees no good in anything or anyone.
  14. I've found here has been (and probably will continue to be) a good source of information for my application to the Royal. That was why I originally signed up.

    I've stayed for the banter, some interesting threads, and when I find one short enough for my simple mind I might even read one of Rummers poem-esque posts.

    I think that although ARRSE has some useful stuff, every thread seems to digress into either who can call someone else a thundercunt or (and this is very rare) who can come up with an original insult. Although this can be amusing from time to time I find myself frequenting RR and when I'm feeling particularly good about myself I'll head over to ARRSE to be bullied back into my place.

  15. Beg your pardon? No I did not! You told me I didn't look good in spandex and we got into a fight and then you yelled at me because I used your razor to shave my legs that one time and it all just got too much so I moved out of your head and now I'm in Geralds head whispering to him all the time, trying to get him to kill his parents.

    And I want my WHAM CD's back.

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  16. Oh come on, you only have to log on and MLP, SGP and Witts roll up to put a virtual arm round your shoulder and josh with you
  17. I just like getting on here and talking absolute bolluks!
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  18. I DON'T like RR.

    That's why I never, ever post on here... er... oops :tongue3:
  19. Took the words right out of my mouth, thank you Finks.
  20. I come on here to shag the star-struck potential girlie recruits, who get a wide-on the moment nasty old me sends them a PM. Fúcking rich pickings for anyone with a hammer and without a conscience. I'm up to three to date.

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