Why do we do these things for family?


Lantern Swinger
I'm on a duff wage till I enter Raleigh... well actually its about the same! so what do I do in all my great wisdom?

Decide that my brother is more inportant than me and take his share of keep and debt and say I will pay it until he can find a proper job.

Not a problem some people would think, but then I do have 2 credit cards, a loan, keep and other things to pay for.

Suppose he is my brother though! Oh well, back to being skint!
Before I joined up I worked as a cleaner in a hospital in the days when they were clean, all for £32 per week.
Then I joined up and earned the princely sum of £9 per fortnight.
Now I`m outside it took me 10 years for my pay packt the match my last pussers one. Were did I go wrong?


War Hero
Very noble Ben.

Hope he returns the favour when you're home on leave & have spent all your beer tokens in the first weekend off & sobriety threatens to loom near.
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