Why do they not get their benefit quickly

I work with HMRC dishing out benefits
They come on the phone demanding to know why they have not got the benefit NOW

Well it would help if when completing a Guberment form "official like"
that when asked for your name to identify you

You did not put Ricci Tomson and Jazzer Smif
when your acutal name is Richard Thompson and Wendy Smith

It is the same registering Births
Yes Madam and what is the childs name
Billy Johnson
Liz McCracken
Jimmy Smith
Boab Thomson
Soapy Suddes
Lindy Johnston

They do not have the intelligence to realise that Billy should be registered as William etc etc, then the person can chose the nickname when they are older
Well yes they can register how they want, and that is the name on the birth cert, but It really gets to my craw
Especially the fifteen names of the people that were at the party the night they conceived

Would you belive it, well I did not at first but I know different now

Jack McH

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