Why do they need to serve there country?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Chicogiz, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. This may be a stupid question but how comes everyone from turkey and some other countrys have to serve 1 year in the forces in there life?
  2. So that if called upon in times of dire national emergency, everyone has at least done some basic training.
  3. oo Now i see. Thats what we should do
  4. We did. It was costly and not as effective as many people remember it to be.
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Getting rid of NS allowed the Services to embrace the technological age with proper professionalism. It also helped that regulars now had to be wooed a bit instead of it not mattering about their pay and conditions because the Govt could always open a new box of conscripts.

    Also, NS totally wasted two years of many of its participants' lives even though some saw the world and not a few saw the enemy. Try Leslie Thomas - not just Virgin Soldiers but also Orange Wednesday which in places is even funnier.

    Too many civilians also seem to think that the Services ought to be some sort of reform school!
  6. NS was ok in some places as the Navy took only craftsmen, so only a few were taken, the raf took more and the rest went into the army basicaly as cannon fodder.
  7. The RN recruited National Servicemen for ALL trades not just craftsmen. It must be remembered that when the UK had National Service we had a rather large navy.
  8. Too many pollies think the same too! In the case of John, Lord Patten his memories of life in the RN in windswept Suffolk at the age of 15 probably contribute to that! :biggrin:
  9. thingy is right.

    On the other hand, there's a lad in Austria who I would regard as a friend. When I first met him he had just been called up. He was just a waiter in his parent's restaurant. When I met him after doing his bit, he was a totally different lad. I could actually have a conversation with him and not just because his English had become better than my Kartner Deutsch. Zeppi had also acquired a sense of humour.
  10. The very last thing that any branch of the armed service needs is to be forced into accepting new recruits who don't want to be there, there are enough problems getting the right volunteers.

    So its probable best to keep national service as an Item in the history books.
  11. I wonder how many posting their views on this subject actually served with National Servicemen? Things were different then and yes the RN was a much larger service but I found that as a regular, the NS men I served with added something to the messdeck/barrackroom that was lacking when it was brought to an end. Every dog has its day I suppose and the modern military are more technically minded and more professional than in my day. [Don't think they have the great non-PC runs ashore/postings abroad we had tho']
    ........Or more succinctly...... I saw the change from tot time, into No 1's, ashore, 'Big eats, getting p1ssed, bagging off, getting filled in and losing your pay book' to..... Getting into civvies, taking snaps of tourist attactions, having a pooftahs drink in a bar and back on board'.
    I had better stop now as it's beer o'clock.......

    edited once for foreign keyboard
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I put a piece about National Service on RRPedia. Grateful for pm'd comments from anyone else from that era & I will edit in any corrections/additions (please don't edit it directly yourselves as the changes won't be in the primary copy [on my own disk] if there has to be another recovery of RRPedia).

    Somewhere else on RR is a dit of mine about an NS mid making kye for the admiral using water from the firemain ..
  13. My only experience of National Servicemen is of the dreadful bores who always wear their regimental tie, and go on and on at length about their experiences at some camp in deepest Kent!

    Sounds like a skimmer's run ashore.
  14. I wish i had served longer packed in after 5years Crap ships Keppel Hardy Portand Portland 1973-1977.

  15. Yes --in my RBL the gobbiest ones are the ex National service guys
    I think its probably 'cos its the only time in their mundane civvy lives they have ever been away from mummy.

    I think everyone should still do a period in the armed forces --a year would be enough ,just to get a basic training idea of service life.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  16. Just a minor point; who's going to train and motivate these people who won't want to be there? I can also imagine the Treasury expecting the MoD to fund it from within existing resources.

    Bring in conscription to the Police Force. Some of them might be bright enough to nick themselves.
  17. ...yes, looking at some of the yoof today I do wonder if anyone could train them.
  18. At the moment it takes almost a year to deliver a regular fully trained soldier/sailor/airman at even the lowest skill level, I don't really see the point in engaging anyone for that period of time.

    Perhaps in a spare time (Reserve) sense it could work, with and option for community-based service as an alternative. I believe our Esteemed Leader did suggest the latter part in a speech last year; one of the few policy proposals I agreed with.

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