Why do the Scots always blame someone else.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by NotmeChief, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Gordon Brown is always saying 'it wasn't my fault, it was someone elses', and he does that with everything that goes wrong.

    Now Murray, who got dicked by Nadal, is blaming the 'gusty wind'. What a ridiculous statement, it was just as gusty and windy for Nadal and he won.

    Is it part of their upbringing to always blame others?

    I look forward to the day when just one will stand up and admit 'they' got it wrong.
  2. I'm not sure when you will see the day. After all Tony Blair was a scottsman too. He never admited he got anything wrong.
  3. Hey guys when you have rugby and football teams like ours having some one else to blame from time to time is a bit of relaxation.

    As for Gordon, I suspect that he feels that some how if he denies responsibility that some people may believe him though as every day goes by that looks less and less likely.

    As for T Blair, he was and is an Englishman whose mother just happened to be in Scotland when he was born. He was/is nothing to do with us so stop trying to export your crap to us.
  4. So just because my mother happened to be in ireland when i was born doesnt make me irish? As far as my birth certifiacte says im irish yet ive been living in engand practically all my life. T blairs pass port and birth certiffiacte would sday he was born in scotland and would therefore make him scotish.
  5. That's enough of a reason for a YANK to claim to be Scottish, just as they use similar reasoning for claiming to be Irish, ie their great-great-great-great grandfather had a pint of Guiness in a bar in Dublin, which makes them Irish.
  6. Indeed, and being the warm hearted inclusive folks we are said yank would be welcomed with open arms, TB on the other hand has never actually claimed to be Scots, and spent much of his political carreer doing us down, so no great welcome for him as a lost son.
  7. My passport says "Dunfermline", and that makes me British. No mention of Scotland anywhere on the document.
  8. When asked i bet you would say you were Scotish and not British though.
    And as for your passport saying Dunfermline thats clearly a place in Scotland and people would know that you were Scotish my passport and birth certificate say Shannon which is in the republic of Ireland. When asked i say im Irish not english or british
  9. Of course you don't say whether your mother just happened to be in Ireland because that was where she was born and had always lived or whether she was just there temporarily. I kno people who were born in East Afriica who are certainly not East African, etc etc. The real thing is do you want to be Irish, do you feal Irish, if so then the Irish may be happy to let you join in.
  10. Dont get me wrong either im proud to be British.

  11. No, I would say British. This country's history and future is made up of so many different strands of the smaller nations that make it up that to say anything else would be wrong. I'm quite sick of the recent anger being vented by people on each side of the border about each other. I think that the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the SNP - who have actively tried to stir up anti-Scots/English sentiments in order to gain support for independence. Most people who live in Scotland feel British, and you will see that when those SNP idiots finally get round to having an independence referendum.

  12. Hmm fair enough everyone is entitled to their own veiws and oppinions but like my last post said dont get me wrong im proud to be British but for me personnaly im Irish part of the british consitution. I was born there and my grandparents live there and my grandad was born there. They are more like my mom an dad to me than my parents are.
  13. You poor poor bar steward :lol:
  14. So you were born in the lavvies in Shannon Airport hum?? that explains a lot.No wonder the weather is so effing bad.
  15. Thankfully I haven't ever lived there :p
  16. That of course makes your situation some what different to that of TB whos parents were but migrant workers in Scotland and as far as I am aware had little other connection.
  17. Good God, something that the Scots claim to have NOT produced for a change! ;)

    As an Englishman living in Edinburgh, I'm definitely fed up with the Scottish/English rivalry/hatred, expecially as far as I can see it's more on the Scottish side. The only time English tend to get pi$$ed off with the Scots is when they take their 'I'll support anyone but England' mentality to sports. :evil:
  18. You foreigners are so amusing :wink:
  19. Now theres a thing, I have worked in Edinburgh much of my non service life, and was born and educated there too. As it happens where I work many are English, and many of thos I know never complain as you do, some havinmg worked here all their working lives.

    As they used to say in the Andrew, if you cant take a joke you shouldn't have joined. Most of the time we clain to support any one but the English because we know it winds them up, great fun watching them go all purple etc etc. And of copurse you never never hear the English go on about us porridge wogs do you.

    ps Mrs Maxi is in her view a Scot but he much older sister is very much English (parents were geordies who moved to Scotland before Mrs Maxi was born) and you should hear them go on about matches and who they support
  20. im not so lucky :cry:

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