Why do the Marines liek to get naked with each other?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Spartan, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. OK, I'm not saying Marines are gay. However, I was told that the Marines have a tradition of fooling around naked. Why is this? And do these naked antics still carry on?

    It just seems a bit strange to me.
  2. Got enough line on that hook, mate?
  3. Why on earth would a Spartan need to ask that?
  4. Look guys, I'm joining the marines soon and I need to know if I'm going to be forced to do naked activities with the other recruits.

    Just answer the question please.
  5. Do you want to know because it's a positive or negative?
  6. You can't trust a man with your life until you've tussled with him naked ;)
  7. I'm not sure what you mean?
  8. I wouldn't join if I were you, you sound far to delicate and sensitive. Try the RAF.

    P.S. Change your name. Spartan is far to rough for you.
  9. Does twos up in an Exeter nightclub count as naked antics?
  10. Don't wind him up fellas he's obviously double hard, just look at the "gansta gat" avatar!!
  11. Guys, can you please tell me if I will or will not be required to play games with the other guys with no clothes on?

    Why wont you just answer me seriously?
  12. Ask a serious question and you'll get a serious answer.

    Ask an obvious wind-up and ye shall receive the full might of hundreds of years of Royal Navy and Royal Marines piss takes.
  14. This is a serious question. I don't know why you think I'm joking? I want to know if naked games are part of Royal marine life. Jees, why are you all so elusive.

    Oh and I'm no pussy either. I spent pretty much my entire life in a gang in one of the roughest parts of Manchester. From the age of 13 to 26 I was a gang member and I've seen my fair share of violence, trust me. Now at 27 I'm going to do something constructive with my life. I know how to use a length because I've been strapped for 14 years now and I pretty much took my heat everywhere with me. That siad, I'm saying goodbye to the Mac-10 and saying hello to the SA80.

    Now please, answer my question bitches.
  15. HAHAHAHA!!
    Told you he was double hard [​IMG][​IMG]
  16. I would never allow you anywhere near CTCRM, you tosser. **** off and join the paras
  17. Bet he talks like Tim Westwood too :D
  18. Why is that? What are the Paras like?

    FFS guys, I'm trying to turn my life around and just want some help. I'm a genuine guy trying to go on the straight and narrow, but I'll always have that badboy in me and I want to channel my instincts into somthing positive innit.
  19. Spartan:
  20. Ya, real hard boyz behind dem keyboards. Bombaclots. U gon say dem tings 2 me face n u get bitch slapped like a ho.

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