Why do puffs have to advertise it??????

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by angles_and_dangles, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. I have noticed on this site that a few members feel that it is important to advertise there sexuality. Now I dont give a stuff what you do in your spare time,just dont spoil serious threads with your gay innuendos.I know a few mates that have had a look at this site and have been put off because of our resident ''brown hatter'',that hasnt even had a service number that starts with D finds that he has to remind everyone that he loves semen .Forces humour is what I think this place is all about ,all are welcome(I hope) just please understand that we may accept different peoples lifestyles/sexuality however we dont need to be constantly reminded about it.

    edit due to pissed spelling
  2. me's thinks you need to take a chill pill,
    I'm not gay but if that person wants to tell EVERYONE about there
    sexual preference let them it's the bloody internet your not going to catch anything angles!
  3. Any matelot who gets put of a web site at the mention of semen needs to get a life and probably a career change. Yeah there are some bummers on here and they get plenty of abuse from the likes of me and they give as good as they get (hwaa hwaaa hwaa Sid James Laugh)
    It constantly surprises me when younger matelots get all stroppy on here instead of getting stuck in and having a bit of banter anf throwing some shit around, I van only imagine how boring it must be "down the mess" these days and am not surprised that the Iranians manage to capture us if our little dears run from an internet site when seamen is mentioned.
    Bless.. :cuddle:
  4. Ling - nail - head.

  5. Advertisment:

    Ok you bitch, you've outed me! I'M A RAVING LESBIAN AND I LOVE WOMEN! There, done & I've got lots of semen stored so come and get me!

    BTW: Is D for Dildo?

    Pink Hatter.

    PS: Just don't tell the wife willya?
  6. Thought we were going to be talking about Magic Dragons.......bugger......oops.
  7. Like you never get hetrosexuals banging on about, boobs, birds and bagging off on this site. No doubt the ladies have some opinion on that one.


    Carefull or the hang and flog them brigade will be after Bill and Bens lady friend.

  8. Flobba dob?
  9. Spent a lot of time gettin' absolutely rat-arsed on Grey Rover in Faslane.The Stewards were always happy to invite us onboard for a piss-up, and
    most of 'em were nosh........They are what they are, and we are what we are. I can live with that.
    In the meantime - here's some fun stuff for Sunday:-


  10. wtf????????
  11. You are right Nutty, I did mention in passing to one member that his avatar before the current one was a shade too intimate for my liking and the gentleman that he is, he changed it immediately.

    As to the resident homosexuals on this site, the two that I know of, have also struck me as complete gentlemen.

    I would also mention that in the past there was a rather heated discussion between two of our more vociferous members that degenerated into name calling of the worst order. When I pointed this out, I had a personal apology from one and further abuse from the other.

    The moral of this - apart from the fact that this is the internet and people may not be what they seem on the face of it, this is the 21st century, it is not illegal to be gay, to post intimate pictures or to say the 'c' word. A gentle comment to the person concerned may make them realise that their behaviour may be unsuitable. If that doesn't work, then please just ignore their posts.

    I personally would not tolerate any kind of racial or disability discrimination on this site, I would without doubt ask a mod to remove it, if they had not done so already, so why do we tolerate this kind of homosexual discrimination?
  12. Well said Rosie! And also Nutty, I couldn't have been more eloquent myself.
  13. To all the ardent Heterosexuals out there (I've been married for 11 years, so I'm neither....now!) here is a little formula for you to consider.

    There are more blokes than birds in the U.K.
    There are more Gay guys than Gay girls in the U.K.
    The more Gay guys, the more opportunity for straight guys to get a 'lumber'.
    All hail the Gay guys......

    Seriously though, who gives a fcuk?

    Blokes at Sea, Wrens at Sea now Gays at Sea, so what? As long as they don't put Chimps at Sea, we'd hate to make all those Stokers redundant.

  14. Hey.......you can take the p1ss out of me for being a poof, but I won't get it taken out of me for being a stoker.......... :threaten:
  15. Thought that's what stokers were for

    Scribes of the world unite
  16. hehehehehehehehehehe
  17. Ahoy Mister Trooped Again....I believe you are an Ex-Scribbler??



    (Giggles insanely and falls off small computer chair)
  18. That's it, I'm turning the fresh water off when you go for a shower........
  19. Hey I know that writer.........he was on the Cardiff in 1980.....lol
  20. Angles & Dangles
    There may be a few of poofs on RR. But they are our poofs and all are respected contributers. So if you can't accept them push off!

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