why do officers and rating has different "smart" uniform ?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by IconicBuck, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. Ok at first this seems like a stupid question, surly its because it shows senior ranking ?, well why dont the RAF and army have this? RAF and army officers still wear the same as there soldiers/airmen do, correct me if im wrong but they wear the same thing right? to me it just seems better, makes everyone look and feel like there on the same playing field so to say, also the navy officer "smart" uniform looks alot better then the ratings in my opinion. just wondering why, if anyone could enlighten me on why id be very appreciative.

    Also when i say "smart" i think i mean number 1's ? ( the uniform they would wear for remembrance day for example )
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  2. Pay attention the the way all three services dress and you will soon see that the uniforms worn by officers are different to those worn by NCOs and privates.
    The quality and the cut are different, officer uniform will always look smarter than those that they are in charge of.
    It's just that in the RN the difference is more marked between junior rates and officers. At a quick glance it would seem that the PO, CPO and officers are wearing the same uniform. Closer inspection reveals that officers have 8 buttons on their jackets where NCOs have 6. Material used for an officers uniform used to be a more expensive material.
  3. Well it's a bit windy and there's a drop of rain, but not bad for November I suppose.
  4. Officers and senior rates wear a 'smarter' uniform because in the main their command of the English language is much better than the ratings.
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  5. Not bad, it only took until the 3rd post for spelling and grammar to be sarcastically mentioned.
  6. To be honest I don't think it's a matter of sarcasm. I could barely understand what this **** was on about and could not really see a question in the post. As for the RAF/RFA confusion I would think a typo is unlikely and the OP is simply a fuckwit.
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  7. I accept your accolade with gratitude.

  8. To be fair he did put out a warning in the first sentence that it was a stupid question. He could just be pished.
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