Why do Marines like to get naked?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. This is a serious question. Where does this tradition come from? Naked roll mat fighting, naked bar, I've heard bvarious accounts of them taking their clothes off when on the p1ss. But why? What's the significance of being naked?
  2. No s**t. Don't expect too many serious answers.

  3. Because they are marines!
    Why do hedges only grow on the outer edge of fields?
  4. so how come the raf regiment and army infantry regiments don't do this too then? It seems a bit gay to me to be honest.

  5. Because they are all failed marines!!!!
  6. your kidding right? In my experience, 'naked bar' is about as common as beer in Army Messes and thats not just limited to Infantry. No idea about the Rockapes, but I imagine they do the same?

    As to why....not a clue. Hope that helps :thumright:
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  8. Gay? Have you ever been in the Royal Marines? have you ever been out on the piss with them, or involved in a naked bar? No? Before you try and understand the way in which a group behaves, shouldnt you first try and become part of the group?

    Scientia est potentia
  9. No you shouldn't. So to understand the Taliban I must join them? Please stop talking sh!t. It DOES seem very gay to the average person I'm afraid.
  10. good reply!!!! I find naked bar prevents your civvies getting covered in claret. Plus you can wash away the DNA lol
  11. I took part in a naked bar in Milford Haven in a pub after close up before. The owner gave us the keys to lock up on our way out he went to bed and we paid for what we drunk. We only came into port as we arrested an Anglo Spanish FV. The Spanish got done for 5 million pounds. We got drunk whilst we were in port (except those on duty and looking after the FV) and the pub sent us a great letter thanking us for paying their mortage that month lol

    Naked bar had nothing gay about it. We just sat at the bar and got drunk naked.
  12. Yes thats exactly what you would have to do!! Do you understand the Taliban? Do you think you will ever understand the Taliban? Of course you fcuking wouldnt.

    There have been cases in the past however, where certain individuals have deployed to Afghanistan to live with the Taliban and train them. They have had a taste of what its like to be part of that of that group, by immersing themselves in there culture. Like I said - to truly understand a group and what they do, you have to join them.

    ............ and perhaps to the average person it might seem gay. Royal Marines are not average people however and getting naked isnt just limited to Bootnecks....... or are you suggesting that the entire male population of the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marines are gay?
  13. Hmmm i seem to remember this going on. Guys going in posing as doctors.
  14. Yeah and a santa sack full of Stinger missiles!!! ................ and how many of those are still unaccounted for!! Slightly worrying if they magically re-appear any time soon.
  15. No comment :dwarf:
  16. We should have kept the Stingers and left them with Blowpipe - about as much fcking good as a fart in a spacesuit. :thumright:
  17. As it was they were humping the car battery from a Hindustan ambassador on the back of a donkey to make the stingers work, and then even if it got 12V it would just go "ptfhzzzzzzz...click". Great, a hung up stinger lying around for a few years, nice and stable. Until some kids use it as a wicket....
  18. As others have pointed out, er, yes. If you want to understand the taliban you must first understand why they are doing what they do. The quickest way is to ask them first hand, in their language. Takes big conkers to do but if TE Lawrence could manage it maybe we would'nt be in such a mess 'o potamia.

    RM are not average people. The nudity thing is deliberate as it plays on the body dysmorphia, sexual insecurity, and general shyness of people like yourself. If you have a small c*ck and cannot get over it, then I would suggest a nuddy bar night is not for you. The Romans fought naked in the olympic games, so too many other warrior cultures. Its only the Victorians who have taught us to fear our bodies and cover them up like the puritans they were before nailing their balls to the table and having a midget with a chain flagellate them behind closed doors.

    You sound like the kind of person who goes to topless beaches to grumble and play pocket billiards.
  19. Scared to try it in case you like it?:
  20. You reminded me of a funny night in a Tankies Sqn Bar. Even better when the SSM walked in with his wife to say "Hi". At least the new guys in the corners had lampshades on their heads to hide their faces.

    Think the SSM and Mrs SSM stayed for one drink though...

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