Why do good bands turn shite?

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by guestm, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Stereophonics spring to mind. Saw them at the Kentish Town Forum when their first album had come out. Real good stuff. After album No 2, they went down the commercial route. There lies the problem.
  2. Cant stand the new Arctic Monkeys album, however do like the new Ocean Colour Scene one.
  3. Mmmm...'Stained' spring to mind. Great first album....but follow ups got a little to heavy....as in just 'noise'....cause I like heavy rock as a rule.

    (Zeppelin still rules OK.. :wink: )
  4. Simple anwer. They become ' Too famous '
  5. I do however have to agree, depsite still loving the Phonics.

    I saw them just before they released their first album they were supporting The Who (who were doing their Quadrophenia Tour, still one of the best gigs ever!) in 1996 at Earls Court. I love and still do the Phonics first album, however each album did slowly progress down the commercial route. I like only a few songs on the recent albums. The first album is still one of the best of that period I reckon.
  6. Reel big fish are well good! Gotta love a bit of ska :D
  7. Agree with the arctic monkeys thing. Rumors that first album was ghost written..

    N-dubs have gone downhill too..
  8. I like Uprising by Muse, but the rest of the album is shite, horses for courses.

    Lady Ga Ga, I would love to fcuk her and will still want to in ten years time.
  9. Most bands earlier stuff tends to be better than later stuff.

    Still a huge Verve fan and they recently reformed.

    Travis and stereophonics are big example of going from gret to pants.
  10. Mainly because their earlier stuff is an accumulation of years worth of work and anything wrote after breaking into the big time tends to be forced out in the space of a year due to pressure to release another album.
  11. They didn't 'turn' shite, they were shite to start with and just carried being so.
  12. Aye, I'd have to agree with that for the majority of bands knocking about these days.

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