Why do american marines go hooo raaaaa?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. It sounds cool tho doesn't it. When I go to Lympstone to start my training, everytime some tells me to do something i'll go "hooo raaa"

    Corporal - "Nailor get down and give me twenty"
    Nails - "oooh raaah Corporal"

  2. Fixed it for you…
  3. zzzzzzzzz
  4. It does sound fcuking cool, I do it all the time, after a sh1t, when I've shot my fat, everytime I finsih a pint etc.
  5. I thought the Yank marines did it because they could only learn complete sentences one word at a time and they were learning to say "Horaah Henries are our best friends"....
  6. please you tube it..............
  7. Can I have a try?

    Could it be that the septic was shouting " Hooo raaaapppeeeddd myyyyy arseeeeeeee whiile III wassss bendinggggggg overrrrrrr too gettt theeee soappppp"

    Just a guess,I'm not great at foreign languages
  8. Do it, i look forward to seeing being whipped in the rain. :?
  9. hoooooo fecking cares :roll:
  10. Has nails been on leave, or inside for say, 16 days?

    MLP, fancy taking a Landy for another drive...... :lol: No witnesses!
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I thought baby ruperts said it anyway. Albeit slightly posher than your average septic.
  12. Mmmmm...I thought it was another way of shouting into the big white telephone..... 8) ....opposed to 'Geeeeoorge...which is so English.... :)
  13. Not in South London English, we refer to him at Hugh i.e. Huuuuugh-eeeeeeeeeeeeee! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

  14. Try watching something other than NCIS - it will help....
  15. The serious answer to Nails question is perhaps Hooo-Rah is a rallying cry used by the USMC - maybe an updated version of Lt. Col. Carlson's Gung-Ho that was used as a rallying cry by the 2nd Marine Raiders Battalion during WWII.


    Edited to say: If you want to know the real answer, ask a US Marine, so I did!
    He said...
    "It is said as an acknowledgment of orders but with more enthusiasm than a simple yes sir.
    The navy says Hoo Rah. The Marines actually say ooh rah, and the Army just says huah."
  16. Nothing wrong with NCIS.

    Ziva...Mmmmmmmm :love4:
  17. By strange coincidence I watched NCIS last night and a marine did say hoo raaa OK?

    Now as Jimmy mentioned Ziva :shaking2: :downtown:
    are we going off thread ? Is it being racist to dribble over a Jewish girl ?

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