why did you want to join the Royal Navy?

Because it was not only the Royal Navy, but a Real Navy. Lots of ships, lots of shore bases in UK, lots of ships and shore bases abroad, envied by the rest of the world's naval forces, copied by the rest of the world's naval forces, an example to the rest of the world's naval forces, and the reputation and uniform attracted women like a magnet.



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I didn't want to. I come from an army family, all I wanted to do was be like my Dad. Thankfully he knew better, and talked me into joining the Andrew, thanks Dad!


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Up to the age of 12 I encountered the RN on a daily basis (I was a Navy Brat) and at 12 the RN paid my school fees to go to a school with a strong naval heritage; by the time I was doing A Levels, the thought of doing something other than the RN had never crossed my mind. However, at 17 the AIB thought that I should go out and get some wider real-world experience before my engineering officer candidacy would be considered (and looking back, they were right!). At the age of 24, I was a degree qualified engineer engaged to be married to someone who did not want to be a naval-wife so civvy street was the only route open... apart from the "it'll only be for a couple of years" spell in the RNR which ultimately gave me 22 years on the lower deck in Comms. Still together 25 years later, and probably had more moves than we would have had if I'd joined the RN! :)

As you can see, good clear goal setting and planning coming through loud and clear here :)
My mate joined at Ganges, and when he came on leave in the rig, he trapped all the birds, so that was it for me. An impressionable 16 year old, up to the recruiting office the next day, and where do I sign?
I think I missed out the 'I want to be an engine driver' despite them being proper steam in those days, and went straight to I want to join the Navy. I became rather single minded about it joined the Navl Section of the CCF then the RNR and in the September after my 18th birthday joined BRNC, much to the amazment of some of my teachers
I felt suffocated in civvy street and just had to get away.

I wanted freedom, travel and adventure, so the RN was the answer.

Most of the happiest days of my life were spent in the Royal Navy.

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