Why did you start smoking?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. I started to smoke when I joined at Raleigh and could buy ciggies for two shillings and fourpence per hundred. It was a social thing and crashing the ash helped break the ice in a new group. Stopped when at Ariel because I didn't really like it.

    So what started you smoking?
    And what made you stop?
  2. Started smoking when I was 13 at school , done thing in them days , as it is now , gave up on my 49th birthday , 3 years on the 30/5/2007 , dont even think about it now thankfully , saved a fortune as I only ever smoked ready made & the prices now are so out of reach , so glad I gave up , it took more than 1 attempt though ,
  3. on school exchange to holland.......aged 17. Dutch lass offered me a ciggy and the rest is history...cutting back as we speak:)
  4. Because I was young and stupid.

    Because I was older and not as stupid. :wink:

    I actually gave up without any patches, zyban etc. It's one of things where if you really (and I mean really) want to stop, then you will.

    Personally, I've nothing against anyone else smoking as I know how difficult it is to stop.
  5. Started at 15......treat myself to 20 on the weekend as it is my only form of pleasure nowadays.
  6. can't recall why I started but I can tell you how I gave up. Was at Faslane for a JMC and each day walking from the MOC to the mess in the wind was a complete nightmare. Would you believe that the wind made my woolly pulley and horrible serge trousers rub against my delicate skin and gave me a rash!

    Anyway went to the sick bay for some steriods, and as I walked in the doc asked me if I was a smoker, as he could tell by my laboured breathing! Gave up there and then. Might very occasionally have one when I extremely drunk, so that would be hardly ever then!

  7. Make sure you keep to it , :roll: :roll: fingers crossed for you , just do it ,

  8. Where was the rash "rosie" , just curious , was it from them serge trousers , mmmmmmmmm ,
  9. Again, I started at school aged around 13, stopped while still in the mob, and that's about 35 years ago.
  10. Well done "grefs" , I cant even stand the smell of it now , not exactly the smell of the smoke just the smell of the breathe , cant believe I used to smell like that , aaaarrrrggggg ,

  11. Like your Avatar by the way , :lol: :lol:
  12. cos i could started aged 8 nicking a parky (park drive) from my mums packet every day 40 yrs this year still healthy (cough cough )
  13. Tried it while v young but only really started when I joined the mob. It was a social thing plus smokers seemed to get more breaks. Tried giving up a few times and finally managed about 10 years ago. Had the occasional break in VG but only usually when really really shiters.
  14. Some things don't change then..

    I started at school too about 2 years ago so would have been 14 - nearly 15. We were just hanging around after football training and one of the lads was smoking and I felt like trying it. Wasn't mad on it at the start but just stuck with it - wouldn't smoke more than 10 a day though. Was caught a few times at school and got detention but that was it.

    None of my family smoke and are against it so I don't smoke at home. They think I gave up after being caught as I still do football and train hard so it doesn't really affect me.

    Don't want to smoke forever but for now it's fine. Just heard about the ban on ships and that so if I get through training mighn't be smoking all that much any way.
  15. If you really must know it was on my arms and yes, you guessed it, the inner thighs!

  16. Glad girls get it as well , sorry girls , dread to think how the realy obese cope with it , hard hat on waiting for incoming , :roll:
  17. I kept getting a rash when I was at Faslane.

    Pavement rash.

    I started smoking when I was in the Sea Cadets, and 30 years later I stopped when I had an accident with a dry powder fire extinguisher. I ended up with pneumonia, the type drunks get when they inhale their own vomit.

    It was the best thing I ever did, and also a lot easier than I thought it would be.

    I wish I'd done it years before.

    I can smell a smoker 50 yards upwind.

  18. I started at HMS Raleigh(1976) because I was told that you had to to qualify for duty free (stamp in Paybook) I only got the duty free's for my dad, gave up shortly after starting
  19. Cuz it was always an excuse for an extra 5 minute skive.

    Also with the issue of fag stamps and having fags so cheap....why not????
  20. Until you 'splained I was going to ask if y'all are issued skivies..

    Started at 15 to be cool.. stopped at 25 because I was cheap, really on a dare.. clean and sober for 30 years.. made life easier, we have restricted where you may smok so th much that in is now a major hastle..

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