Why did you join the RN


War Hero
Years ago a group of us were chatting and the question came up Why did you join the Navy?
Me...To get a trade
Paddy... I joined for the boots
Scouse... To get a job
We also had a CPO electrician who was French by birth, He always prof fessed that it was to screw British women as so many French women had been screwed by the British.

So Why did You join?


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To see the world in the cheapest possible way. :roll: Only I forgot about the bit that said it would take 12 years. :oops:


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I have no idea,i always ever since i can remember wanted to join the RN.Maybe it had something to do with my father being in the Army.


Lantern Swinger
because there aren't that many jobs that let you in with only a slack handful of GCSE's, train you from scratch, give you opportunities for advancement with continued training and development along the way, pay you to see the world and get sh1ters in exotic ports of call and finally but by no means least.....positively encourage the life of drunken debauchery that I've enjoyed for the past 15 years...oh yeah, and there's a pension and gratuity when you're done. 8)
Having dinner with a girlfriend at school when her Navy brother comes in with his new chick right from a hong kong draft, that sold it to me, however after 17 years never saw honky fid closer than the holiday programme......


War Hero
Lingyai said:
Having dinner with a girlfriend at school when her Navy brother comes in with his new chick right from a hong kong draft, that sold it to me, however after 17 years never saw honky fid closer than the holiday programme......
You havn't missed much not going to Hong Kong. These days its just an expensive rip off.
Better off in Bangkok, say hello to playschool in the nana plaza for me, oh th memories


War Hero
1. To get away from home and my boring mates.
2. Travel the world
3. Shag loads of women all over the world.
4. Meet interesting people and have deep meaningful conversations with them all.

Okay. Three out of four ain't bad. :)


At my AIB I said it was to help improve the world, fight for a worthy cause and uphold democracy and freedom.
But I think the sponsorship through college and uni was a small reason as well, and its better than getting a desk job.


War Hero
Sad bastard really, never ever wanted to do anything else. Grandad, Father and one uncle Navy and another one a Booty. Loved the good times, hated the bad. But they are all remembered as good these days.
Just as an aside, the people who I went to school with and lived near, I never see! The people, guys and gals, that I was in the Navy with, I see still frequently, and I don't live in a Naval retirement area either.


War Hero
sumit to do on the weekend....started out as...now my civi job is somit to do between naval evolutions!
oh yeah and getting hammered in as many places as possible!
It was raining up town one day, so I went into a building to get some shelter. Next thing I know...........
It started because I loved the thought of being a girlie wren, all sussies and court shoes, somehow I managed to evolve into this trouser wearing, SA80 carrying (in the guard only), not very ladylike creature who has not seen her wrens handback for at least a decade.


Well i want to join the RN out of some sort of patriotism and pride. and to do something worth while with my life rather than go from one dead end job to the next. But i suppose that could be any of the three services really. guess the love of the sea drove me to the RN. sad reasons i know, but i've already spent a couple of years doing the drink and debauchery, however there really is something exotic about belfast to do that in ;-)
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