Why did the site go down this evening?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by soleil, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. No idea. Was too busy clearing snow from my driveway and off our cars!!!
  2. I first thought it was my interent, but guess not.
  3. Weather. Can't be arrse to explain it.
  4. I thought it was just going back to its old ways of dying at night.
  5. Farrrrk me, ive been trying to get on all night! Its about time !! :D
  6. heres the theory of romft It was the doc that broke it, his previous jobs were lookout for icebergs on the titanic, tyre fitter for air france concord, radar operator at pearl harbour, need I go on? he is now Gordon Browns public image guru.
  7. WOW. You've got your own internet. Cool.
  8. No he's got his own interent read the post. :roll: No one has their own internet, that would just be silly.

    I blame Gordon Brown for the site's temporary snags last night.
  9. I want one.
  10. Heavier traffic due to every barsteward being at home?
    Or atmospheric disturbances in the ionosphere?
    You choose.
  11. I noticed Taloolah posted at 10pm, spooky or what
  12. Agggh! That daft bugger NZB mentions her name and the curse of the bonehead returns! :oops: :cry:

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