Why can't women join the Corps?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. It's sexist and it's wrong. And until modern men like me stand up for women's rights the corps will remain a sexist. Women have proved they can do the commando course cos there was that woman who did wasn't there!

    There is no reason why they can't serve as clerks or chefs anyway. Plus if there was women on camp it would be better for the men cos they wouldn't have to play naked games with just other men

    Hooooo Raaa women!
  2. And I have heard that if she was a bloke she would have been booted off course, but because she was a chick the let her away with things that a bloke wouldn't.

    Now I don't know how much truth there is in that?

    The fact is that just aren't as physically strong as men.
  3. To the Gash barge please.
  4. Aah, so THATS what kind of Nails you are! The Manicured kind!
    Women can't count OR cook mate so they'd be proper crap as cooks or clerks.
    Erm, hang on a minute, our cooks can't cook and our clerks feck our pay up on a daily basis.
    Bugger :(

    Keep on keeping on Nails, you make oi larf!
  5. I wish that they'd give some woman special treatment and a free P-company pass, then paras can stop going on about the fact a woman has never passed it
  6. Princess Edward found it rather hard though....er...Coat...Taxi!!!!
  7. Maybe women don't want to join incase dcik heads like you are around
  8. So in the 80`s what was the driver in lovets and a Wrens hat with globe and laurels on it in and around HMNB Guzz? :dwarf:
  9. Wrens drafted to RMB Eastney, (and, no doubt, other RM establishments), would put up a Globe and Laurel on a red background instead of a cap tally. My Sister in law was one in the early 60's. I used to send her post cards from the Windies, and the address was "Marine Wren P** R****, RM Barracks, Eastney. They lived in Duchess of Kent as did all the other Wrens who worked in establishments with no female accommodation.
    She was a writer (G). Just a draft chit.

  10. The bigotry and sexism here is shocking. There was a time when you were denied entry due to the colour of your skin. Then we realised that black people are the same as us but just with different skin. We threw away our fear of the unknown and grew as human beings. Then there was a time when homosexuals weren't allowed to join. But again we evolved and realised that gay people aren't all sinners and that there was a place for homosexuality within the corps.

    So isn't it about time we start accepting EVERYONE???? Women too? This is 2009 (nearly) not 1009 guys.
  11. Cos they haven't got the balls...literally!

    Anyway Nails...if you are a 'modern man' why did you suggest that "there is no reason why they can't serve as clerks or chefs"...that comment on it's own was a bit sexist wasn't it!

    Anyway if the corps want to employ cleaners, then women will be invited to apply (putting my tin hat on and awaiting flak emoticon)
  12. :thumright: Yep!!! Averyone ECXEPT YOU !!!Manacured NAILS :whew: :w00t: :thumright:
  13. Just out of question how many girls are there in the navy these days?
  14. loads mate. loads.
  15. These young 'ens are lucky, there was very few when i was in. How many fit lasses though, say per ship?
  16. During my time,I served with both black people and gays (even though homosexuals weren't allowed to join) and I never had any problem with any of them.
    What I did have a problem with,was self righteous pratts like you,telling the rest of us how perfect the world should be. [​IMG]
  17. that's the wrong attitude scrumpy. maybe if you actually listened to what i say and followed my advice you would be a better person.
  18. Simple answer is Combat effectiveness.

    The same reason women can't join a combat branch in the army, or the RAF Regiment.

    Simple logic dictates it is becuase a young Marine might be inclined to risk his neck in an ill attempt to save some poor lass who got hit. Its got to be harder to see a woman in agony than one of your male oppos.

    I answered despite being convinced that this must be a bite...

    P.S - Didnt someone start a similiar thread about why women can't be submariners?
  19. What advice?
    All you have said is that you are a modern man and that you want Black gay women to join the corps as clerks or chefs !

    By the way are/were you a bootneck or a matelot?

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