Why cant the RFA all wear the same uniform?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by danny, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. Why is it the RFA cant all wear of common uniform? Wandering around collingwood you see all kinds of different rigs from civis to berets and baseball caps.
    I understand you are civis and not actually in the armed forces as such.
    But many civi companys still force there staff to wear a set uniform and it does not seem to cause any problems. Just genuinely wondering rather than trying to cause a bitch fit on here.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Anyone remember "Marigold" on "Fort Strange"?

    The guy was a legend - camp as you like, but a cracking laugh. Whilst working for FOST Mobile Training Team en-route to one of the Gulf Wars through the Med I remember first seeing him at a chemical warfare lecture, which he sat through, totally disinterested. First filing, then meticulously painting his nails.

    His night rig was a a floral frock, negative beret.
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  3. RFA? Uniformity? You must be joking.
  4. Why should they?
  5. What about in bed dirty ningi?
  6. Try asking them to operate lifts or fork lifts before 0800, during stand easy, lunch, dinner, after 1600........................
  7. Surely you are confusing them with Babcock North?

    As for the original post - Foulies, Woollie Pullies, Long sleeve shirts, Tropical Shirts, Caps, Berets, Shoes, Steaming Bats (even when in the office) anyone? - and that is just RN Officers. I am one, but I don't critisise others for their lack of uniformity (unless I am in a position to mandate it). Personally, I prefer the foulie over long sleeve shirt with cap if not traveling, but beret if I have to pack a grip.
  8. The state that many turn up for instruction most Monday mornings from places like Collingwood, Nelson and Devonport, uniformity does not seem to be uppermost in their minds either. The RN probably has the worst scranbags going en masse, even allowing for submariners and clam catchers.
  9. Nautilus!!!!!
  10. Well if you turned up to Mcdonalds looking like half of the RFA do they would be sacked. Im not saying the RN is a great deal better but the RFA are just so random.

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