Why can't all politicians give a damn about their community?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by geordie_dan, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. [align=center]http://bnp.org.uk/?q=news/county-durham-bnp-right-path


    County Durham British National Party sent some of its members to the woods near the Cow Plantation in Spennymoor, County Durham, to construct a path as a community project, reports our North East correspondent Pete Molloy.

    “The path was drastically needed to aid the public who use the woods for recreational purposes like walking their dogs or cycling, as the existing access was a bit treacherous,†Mr Molloy said.

    Leading the project was County Durham’s Organiser, Adam Walker, who was impressed with the work by his team.

    “I’ve been planning this project for a while, but it had to be put on hold until after the general election,†Mr Walker said.

    “It took the team two hours to complete the project and we have used all natural materials from the woods itself, so it is very eco friendly,†he added.

    The members of County Durham BNP who took part in the project were Adam Walker, Amanda Foster, Pete Molloy, Michael Stewart and Mark Walker.
  2. Your title says "Policitians" but your story says "Members"

    Which is it?
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    So how many are elected pollis and at what level?
  4. Are they parish? County Council?

    I ask cos you say why can't all politicians give a damn about their community.

    They are down here, so it's not just County Durham and it's not just BNP, so it's not something special
  5. you don't have to be elected. you can still do political community work... Many of them are candidates and Mark was 1 vote away from taking a seat in Durham.

    Judging by you technicalities you have nothing to say about the actual story but feel compelled to say something to tow an anti BNP line?
  6. And also I hope Adam Walker runs for leadership when Nick Griffin steps down in 2013.
  7. So they're members of a party then not Elected Polictians

    There's a difference.

    It's nice to see people doing work in the community, but it's nothing special and it's a non story IMO

    Local Policiticans as well as members of the various parties do community work everywhere in the country. I don't see your point?
  8. Good for you.

    I hope Wales finally get into the football world cup one day
  9. just think that its good them doing this in the wards where they stand for election despite not being elected... I just think it's quite commendable.
  10. Good for you and them, but it's a local issue to do with County Durham it doesn't concern me in Sunny Cornwall, or here in Portsmouth. It's not going to effect me them doing a spot of community service in County Durham.

    Therefore a non story out of local interest
  11. well you were interested enough to post 5 times about it :p
  12. Re: Why can't all politicians give a damn about their commun

    The totenkopf used to lay paths in the woods in Poland and Germany, they were made of ash.
    And seeing as this is Rum ration and made up mainly of ex and serving members of the Navy, I find your attempts to sell us party political broadcasts for your Nazi oppo's somewhat distasteful.
    I don't give a flying fuck if they just built a four lane motorway to paradise and suspect that neither do most members on here.
  13. well Rumrat... you care enough to tell me that you don't care..

    I was just wondering if you ever read books?
    You may want to educate yourself on the ideologies of Nazism. Then compare them to the policies of the BNP (who support Israel). You may find that they contradict each other.

    I know you probarbly wont, and will keep saying that this British political party are the German NSDAP, but sometimes people are just Sheeple.
  14. Only to find out if there was actually a story or just to advertising your political party

    I see now it's the later!
  15. well it was both. I find it nice that there are people in politics for reasons other than money
  16. Well they should do it without being in Politics like many people in this country!

    But the fact your using it to advertise your party just goes to show what a throbber you are. You will be so loved if you ever join the services :lol:
  17. well there are lots of members of the forces and ex members at the meetings etc... they might just not shout about it for fear of political discrimination.
  18. Or maybe I'm sure the regs state they're not allowed to be members of a political parties whilst serving.

    I could be corrected on that though.

    But then if they are allowed then they should stand up for themselves and be counted if it's so good to be a member of those parties why hide.

    More reasons to hide than to be open
  19. they are allowed to be members of any political party as long as they don't wear uniform at meetings etc.

    A lot are probably scared... This is Britain, but political persecution is rife in this country. It would shame Zimbabwe.

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