why can I only get the !st. page of the last 50?

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by jesse, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. :tongue4: Why can I only access the first page of last 50, in todays case 15 threads. When I try to access the rest it comes up,"Sorry no matches":sad7:
  2. Your not alone Jesse.
  3. I thought it was just me! Been like that for ages
  4. I can only get 13 of the last 50 now. Tried to get page 2 and even "last" but get a V Bulletin error message.
  5. Emoticons still don't show when you post although they're there.
  6. Its because you haven't paid your emoticon tax. To do so just send blank cheque and full bank details to my OffShore account. I will arrange for the direct debits for you, Life can be simple if you want it to be. Tre
  7. If your that Nigerian bloke I sent my details to last year, the cheque for £8 million still hasn't come through yet.
  8. [​IMG].............l.
    What a bitch must have forgotten to pay my tax....
  9. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    This continuing problem, plus the recent spate of blank/vanishing posts, appears to have caused the recent decline in activity at RR.

    IMHO this is likely to continue until the COs can get it sorted.
  10. I think the last 50 posts thing is a time issue, it looks like it only keeps a record for so long, then updates, if less than 50 posts have been made in the timescale then you only get to see so many posts, could be wrong, but it certainly seems like it.
  11. Hmm, not seen this before - will have a good look this evening
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Could you add to your list for looking at

    Smilies not working

    Titles do not grey out on new posts list when read

  13. Got all of those. Unfortunately i'm not making much progress tonight


  14. :pirate::yawnstretch:
    What is the problem with smilies by the way?
  15. brushteeth:idea::kermit::cyclops::toothy10::sign9:
  16. Hmm, very amusing!!!!

    You've fixed the smiley thing, haven't you?
  17. Yes he has :clap:
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  19. BZ Bad CO :salut: :hello1:
  20. Bump.

    Dear COs,

    Thank you for returning the smiley function :\\\\\\\') but alas the previously reported << Last 50 problems >> appear to be continuing - Much to the exasperation of this c/s, if not to other RR contributors/voyeurs too...:pc:

    eg Tonights "Last Fifty" page shows "Page 1 of 3" at the top box and the bottom of that first "Last Fifty page" indicates: "Results 1 to 25 of 72"

    Then, on clicking the Page 2 Box, a page appears showing "Page 2 of 2" at the top box and listed only three thread details whilst the bottom of that second "Last Fifty page" indicates: "Results 26 to 28 of 28".

    On returning to the first "Last Fifty" page and clicking the Page 3 box the result was: <<Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.>>

    x.x :sad7: :crying:

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