Why are you boys _so_ obsessed with anal sex?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by pinkprincess, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. I don't get it :?: :? 8O
  2. You could have phrased that better :wink:

    I'm available if you want to try it, in the interest of science of course 8)
  3. Bend over and you soon will!!! :D
  4. X.R.D, you do say the sweetest things..... :wink: :lol:
  5. You can have it any time you wany !!
  6. lol - I shall indeed re-phrase:

    I don't understand it.

    It is just so many levels of wrong.
  7. I do indeed. And there was you all thinking that marriage changes a man!!

    :roll: :roll: 8)
  8. You ain't been married that long -- time will tell :lol: :lol:
  9. True enough. Been with her long enough to know though matey!!
  10. Well well well and theres me thinking you were the sort of girl i could take home to meet me old mum ( if i knew where she was :D ),this anal sex thingy isnt all its up to you know,i personally arnt fond of it,ive had me moments down there in the holy of holys and i would much rather insert my python of a salami sword into the mingebox,i dont mind muffing the ring piece now and then but wow betide Mrs NC if its not spotless,as you know a mucky ring is not desirable,so my lover if ever your up my way in Noggie land just give me the buzz and we can explore the delights of bummuffing,but dont forget that if i do it to you then you have to do it to me, 8)
  11. Lets me fair this has to be another attempt at a pick up by some internet bint after a Matlot or Bootneck thus posing the question to fish-out who likes poking it up the marmite motorway!! Personally sweetheart i would place your bets at the door of type 42 as he's that way inclined!! 8O :D 8)
  12. There are a number of explanations:

    1. Given the slappers we're used to shagging, going in the right way is like chucking a sausage into the Grand Canyon.

    2. Tradition M'Dear; simply tradition.

    3. We get so much normal sex that we are trying to "stretch the envelope".

    4. We are sick deviants and it is a way of demonstrating our superiority over women by having sex without providing any pleasure to our partner.

    5. We are so used to sex with our own gender that we can't translate to heterosexual sex.

    6. Non of the above - it is just so much fun!!!!

  13. Have you noticed when you tell your bf to do something he does the opposite for kicks and boyish thrills?

  14. Cause we are, so bend over and let us all poke you up the bum one by one

  15. No you ain't, I don't care what you think, when that ring starts pulsing through them, then it starts. Gold ring's, accelerate nagging, and the only thing can stop it if your a MAN is to run away.

    And to you pink ring or whatever, dont knock it until you've tried it, you take it in the mouth don't you so just think of it as tyres change it around and it spreads the wear and tear. Talking of tear, remember the KY, or even summer county if stuck. :wink: :roll: 8O :D

  16. Give me your address and I'll sort you out… :twisted:
  17. Yeah, but I only do hairy ones.......!!! 8O :lol:
  18. True mate, but there are plenty of old burds about who also have hairy after gangways as well. :lol:

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