Why are women so naive?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nails, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. When they think lads are their friends do they not realize that the lad is just trying to shag her? Last night this lad was texting my mrs sayin he felt upset about some sh!t or other. Can't get a girlfriend or some boll0cks and doesn't know where his life is going etc etc. So she rang him up and was trying make him feel better. Now is it just me being jealous or is this just bullsh!t? If the lad wanted talk to someone, how come he had phone my mrs up and not one of his male mates or his family?

    Maybe i'm being a bit of a dick but, being a bloke myself, I personally couldn't see myself wanting to waste my time texting/talking to a girl i didn't want anything to do with. I'd say i have female friends but in all honesty, i've prob shagged or tried to shag them in the past when i was single and just stay in touch cos see them about and frequent the same places. I wouldn't go drinking with just me and them though or phone them up just to catch up.

    I also don't understand how some guys' minds work. If i wanted to get with a girl I wouldn't be making up bullsh!t excuses like "i'm upset and need to talk" just to get some attention off her. And I wouldn't pretend to be her mate. I'd just be open about my intentions from the start.

    Is this just me being a prick or are am I making sense?
  2. There is a Mrs Nails? 8O :D
  3. Aye here she is

  4. Christ Tommo where did you get that phot of Moomin from??? 8O
  5. You saying Moomin is Nails' Mrs? I am shocked lol
  6. It was the chav clothing that did it mate!!! 8O :D
  7. My mrs is fit as f'uck u guys. All women want a bit of bad boy nails inside em. She's a lucky girl

  8. zzz slow day on the medical student front Nailz???
  9. You're shocked! I'm stunned. 8O
  10. Yes, she's called his right hand…

  11. You can't be that good cos from your thread post it sounds like your misses is getting a portion off your mate :lol:
  12. I think I can live without that experience :wink:
  13. Just being a prick, maybe he's texting your missus 'cos he knows he's quids in
  14. Love-eggs??? 8O 8O
  15. ex runnerdagger, why do u think i'm a medical student? I wish I was to be honest. I'd have a better career than I do now lol.

    And all u bell ends who are saying "he's shagging ur mrs" blah blah blah. that's definately not true because A) the guy is a fanny and he's ugly, and B) I have hired someone to follow her about keeping an eye on her and she behaves herself.
  16. I managed to trace the so-called Mrs Nails down earlier :lol: she even agreed to having her piccie taken;
  17. You asked us for our opinion on your thread from that we reckon she's getting loving from your mate who's uglier than you. Obviously the Nails loving doesn't suffice lol

  18. zzzzzz Nails AKA carcarse from ARRSE you boring twunt!!! Now fcuk off before i show your missus the dirty sanchez technique!!! :D
  19. She's probably humping the bloke keeping tabs on her as well

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