Why are girls fighting like boys?

The sight of two girls having a post-pub fight still has the power to shock, although it often happens between men. Why are women doing it and why are we so offended by it?

"I've beaten a boy up with a stiletto high heel and left him unconscious," says one 17-year-old.

"I got locked up last year for putting a woman in a coma and she nearly died because I tried to throw her in front of a car," says another. "Then in October I got out from a sentence for nearly running a woman over."


We've come a long way since the thoughts of two young ladies having a wrestle would be considered entertainment. Now they just beat the crap out of each other so badly as to cause serious GBH. Alcohol fuelled? Most probably and bloody scarey too.

What is the world coming to.

We had an AB on the Rothesay who had his testicle ripped out by his girlfriend at a dance because she thought he was chatting up another bird.

That was back in the late 60's,she used her stiletto shoe to do that.

Girls will be girls!
'Cos most boys nowadays fight like girls?
Ready to drink alcopops have a lot to answer for.
Of course distillers/breweries will say they encourage sensible drinking, YEAH RIGHT, as long as profits aren't affected.
Off for a few malts now, hic.
rod-gearing said:
We had an AB on the Rothesay who had his testicle ripped out by his girlfriend at a dance because she thought he was chatting up another bird.

That was back in the late 60's,she used her stiletto shoe to do that.

Girls will be girls!
Now that's extreme!!!! Take it she was the highly possessive type? That poor man.
Times change.. and each generation adds its own mark to our society, wether its right or wrong

Maybe it started many years ago, when us girls were told, stand up for your selves, dont let the lads push you around.

or maybe its alcohol

or maybe its drugs

or maybe its just the way things are.

And how old do we have to be before we start spouting out, " Kids These Days!
Girls fought a lot at my secondary school and it wasn't a 'rough' school. I remember once my 'friend' sitting on top of me and beating the back of my head against the floor and thinking 'this could really get out of hand'. I had a CofE upbringing and believed in turning the other cheek - I had to learn that sometimes you have to fight back.

I AM curious about the stiletto story - just how would removal be accomplished? A sideways swipe? Surely clothing would prohibit that? Maybe it was a naked bar in which case the chap should be forgiven (or punished later - whichever he preferred ;) )

sgtpepperband said:
His technique is all wrong...

In any case, is there that much more now than before, I do remember when I was growing up some of the girls did fight like harpies. The examples cited in the article do appear to be completely OTT and likely atypical.

There does, anecdotally, appear to be an increase in fighting in general related to different patterns of drinking, but has the instance of women increased disproportionately compared to men?
I guess it is just another facet of the changing role of women in society.

On the positive side girls out-perform boys in education, from nursery to university. It seems violence is the negative, flip side of the coin.

I don’t know if it is true but I read somewhere that 60% of women are capable of beating up 40% of men. I do remember seeing a cctv clip on television last year, showing a young woman punching seven bells out of her boyfriend. She was sending in left and right hooks like Mike Tyson. Some girlfriend!!

Aren’t men more prone to violence because of their testosterone levels? Apparently that hormone is increased in women by red wine. So guys, keep them away from the Merlot.

My wife is 5ft of fighting fury, with a black belt in origami. She doesn’t hit me, she just folds me up.


Lantern Swinger
the comment about the girls out proforming the boys is true but this only because the boys become sexualy active earlier an just wanner **** or if der ugly **** off 2 ther hearts content
It is just another example of the complete lack of values and self-respect that has saturated out society. 30-40 years ago young women in the main acted like young ladies. These ones today that you see on the television police programmes are nothing short of repulsive sluts who you most certainly would not wish to take home to meet mummy. If they are not fighting they are spewing up, flashing what is usually an obese arse or lying comatosed in the gutter. It is time to bring back the birch that would sort em out, for the lads as well before the howls go up. This country is descending the slippery slope at breakneck speed and if the brakes are not applied very quickly we will all be doomed. I consider myself extremely fortunate that I am in my later years.
(OK, I will bite)
Nothing new in that.
How far back in time do you want to go?
Native women in Afghanistan in the 1880s.
Female Allied resistance members WW2.
Female Nazi Concentration Camp Guards WW2.
Female Russian military personnel WW2.
Female terrorists 20th Century to date, in all theatres (so many).
Israeli female military personnel.
So why get upset about some female chavs?
Who is upset the posts only appear to be opinions and analysis of these female scumbags?

I doubt if Boadiccea. would have had a Burberry fake handbag, not sure about Cleopatra?
Hi fn.
Yes, you are right about the chavs but it would not surprise me to learn that Boadiccea's handbag was actually made of scrotums from Roman Centurions!!
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