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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Bond509, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. Ok I've trawled the site, "used" the search function and have had a bloody good narf at some of the dit's and gens on here..

    But please if you will, give me one good reason why (each of you from your're own experiences) I am going to love the RN and one reason why I am going to hate it!

    Answers on a postcard to:

    The Royal Navy is the shit & the shit.
    1337 Star Lane
    PO BOX Awsomesauce
  2. Love The comradeship and lifelong friends you'll meet and make.
    Hate Doing all the things that get in the way of runs-ashore, trapping and sport.
  3. Trapping?
  4. Love the fact that you can turn up to work in the morning, still steaming having finished drinking just an hour earlier and no one will care.

    Hate the fact that you will be dicked for duties at the last minute and have to miss the holiday you have been planning for months.
  5. The Jollies and the hotels. :)

    One and a half hours notice Pierhead Jump for a 13 weeker. :evil: shit happens
  6. Fifth watch and visiting Aunty in Ardencaple, Kirkmichael or St Budeaux. :wink:

    The crap you got as a baby dabtoe. :evil:
  7. Top sounds well...top, but the bottom. Im coming from a uniformed and "fairly" disciplined job were I have experience and seniority over quite a few. and whilst I accept that it will happen I am not looking forward to being a sprog.....again....boohoo
  8. F%cking sprog cnut.

    Best things oppos, runs ashore your civvie mates could only dream of.

    Worst thing busy work.
  9. Generally if you are a good egg, you won't be treated like a sprog mongoloid. If you are carrying a little life experience then it will help you out. Although prepare to always have to do the tea run when you are numbers checked.
  10. I make the very best tea, mary andrews...
  11. Consorting with the fairer sex.

    Edited to add: enjoying the ermm company of a member of the gender(s) which appeal(s) to you, be you male or female.

    hmm, think I've made quite a dog's breakfast of that!

    It means "getting off with someone!"

  12. Buggery


  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Fair one.

    Interestingly, a little while back I had a phonecall from an irate Mother compaining thet her youngest, a Medical Assistant, was "stuck in a sickbay on a Naval Base, working in reception instead of at sea". She went on to state that: "This wasn't what my child joined the Navy for".

    Sometimes, it seems that people forget it's a job too. I didn't anticipate having to scrape limescale off a urinal with my(!) two pence coin in the tropics either, but fortunately my Chief Stoker stated that I was 'specially selected from a cast of thousands. I was fair chuffed.
  14. live firing and the smell of cordite

    trying to wipe my arse when my hand is so cold that i cannot feel it. then cleaning my hand in the snow and enjoying the 're warming' effect afterwards
  15. Friggin hell Ninj, I used to try to get my mum to phone you and ask why you wouldn't let me be your receptionist. All my charm wasted on dirty, hairy, crude sailors.
    And I broke a nail once. :twisted: :roll:
  16. Got to agree with most on here...

    Best bit: All night in down in Swilly.

    Worst bit: Returning from all night in down in Swillsville with pint of milk, paper and tab on the go while both watches are mustered on the flight deck giving you sh1t for trapping fat toothless mingers.

    Saying that, the worst bit isn't all that bad!
  17. Babysick for 4 o'clockers

    7 day's 9's alongside in Fat Stan's Disco :(

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