why am I always hungry?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ship_rat, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. hi all
    hope you can help. I am finding that by about 11-12ish I'm hungry and again at about 4-5ish in the evening. I do eat 3 meals a day.
    for example
    06:30hrs -breakfast which consists of
    Cereal - shreadies/wheatabix/sugarpuffs and milk

    13:00-14:00hrs -lunch which consists of
    a piece of fruit either soup or meal in a tin on toast

    20:00 or at the latest 22:45 (dive training dependent)
    pasta bake (with abit of cheese)/ spag bol./ bangers and mash/ fish and chips(friday only)
    I drink water most of the day and odd cup of tea.
    I would say I have a fairly active job, but I can be sitting around alot it depends day to day, i also train most evenings, yet i am still hungry! does anybody have any sugestions.

  2. Eat more and often?
  3. Try Milky Way, it would appear that you can IN FACT eat this in-between meals WITHOUT ruining your appetite! Amazing stuff!
  4. did you know that the brain cannot tell the difference between your body being hungry for FOOD or WATER...so you may be needing more water ... we often think we drink enough water but most of us dont... 8 glasses aday is adverage ,,but we are not all the same some need far more than others....
  5. Actually, just eat little and often.

    If you can get the chance, prepare a light snack (for example cheese sandwiches) that you can eat at lets say ten or twelve o'clock, and possibly a couple more at tea time.

    I've not yet had the opportunity to go diving, but I would imagine that its a much harder workout than swimming, and even if you're just sitting around I would expect you'd still be doing something such as diving preparation stuff (filling tanks, briefings, that sort of thing) that would still require the burning of energy.

    If you get board of sandwiches, then digestives could be a good idea?
  6. Stop eatin' all that healthy crap and eat proper food. Bacon,sausages, soar, eggs, beans, mushrooms for breakfast.
    Curry for lunch or four Morrison's curry pies.
    Steak for tea.
    Fried bread and soup for supper.
    geoff(ers) :?
  7. Eat at about 11-12ish, and again at about 4-5ish in the evening. This is when you state you're hungry, so should filll your requirements! Hope this helps....
  8. Next time you veer your cable make sure you havent got a dose of worms or something.... :twisted: :twisted:

    My dog was always hungry..wouldnt stop eating..we thought it was just that he was a greed f**ker turns out he had a big case of the wigglies!!
  9. My friend you are probably not eating enough; assuming that is that your last meal of the day is a choice of one and not all selections.
    What is the calorie intake of your diet? I'd guess around 1500 a day which for a person of your activity is not enough.
    Forget diets, eat when you want and are genuinely hungry, but before you are ravenous.
    You are expending a lot of calories and the body always likes to maintain the status quo.
  10. yeap, the experts say that you burn about 1000 calories an hour when you dive! but I do enjoy it so. :D :wink: 8)

    what types of food can I munch?, i need to be able to much it in about 5 mins as I can't eat a my post, the Judge might get a bit upset!

  11. I concur with Sussex2. You need an carorific intake that at least matches the amount of energy your body consumes, and even were you resting you would be burning a lot of calories. When I did my Duke of Edinburgh Award (Silver) Exped at 15 we were told to eat 2500-3000 calories a day - and that was as youngsters hiking across the South Downs. As a grown-up I would expect you would need a higher intake. On the drinking front, you should be drinking at least 2.5 litres a day.
  12. Do you fancy several Mars Bars? :lol:
  13. Perhaps he's just a greedy b**ger. :lol:
  14. try she mate! lol :lol: - mum always said i had hollow legs! lol :lol: never mind I'm so use to it now!

    AAC yep I do fancy one, but the prices in london are Extortionate !! 75p for a mars!
  15. Just not eating enough! You need to eat more often, definately. I'm just like you regarding being hungry. Just got to snack more! Make sure you're getting more than enough calories; being active, your body will use the energy straight up.
  16. Go on the piss for a week solid, all you need is one Kebab per day!
    Works for me!!
  17. Eat a huge bowl of porridge first thing...winter and summer..keeps you going for ages and it is probably the best cholesterol buster known.
    ....and it is cheap.
  18. Poor Ship_Rat... you'll just have to settle for a couple of pints of best bitter, that should fill you up, then you can sing merry rude ditties to the Judge... :lol:
  19. uhm maybe becuase you are eating very little in the brand scheme of things and have very big gaps between you meals,


    1) eat bigger meals in paticular breakfast and lunch
    2)Don't leave so long between your meals
    3)If two won't work snack, bag of crisps chocolate fruit, etc at regular intervals.
    4) eat more carbs bread rolls with your soup at lunch, rice pasta etc. If your hungry and your not trying to lose weight as a general rule EAT SOMETHING!
  20. Visit me at work sometime. I'll make sure you leave with a full tummy! :lol:

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