Who's thinking you ..........

Piece in my local rag about a mother of two caught banging a young lad, the “affair” started when he was 14 and went on for two years, while expressing shock and horror at the story the rag prints plenty of details, sex toys, licking wine off his nether regions etc, she got two years, for “corrupting a minor” now if this had been a bloke and a 14 year old girl would we have got the full sp, and what sentence would he have got, I don’t know the female opinion of this but I’ve a fair guess at most blokes and I wonder if that influenced the outcome
Why didnt things like that happen to me when I was a childers......Many a nights as a young 13 year old I dreampt of such erotic things as published in the paper reporting the incident........but then. Porn was never published in the daily rags
My 27 year-old POWren sexually abused me when I was 19.

I didn't mind.

Any mention of Ilchester still causes a stirring in my loins though.
I had a dirty 38 year old do terrible things to me the day after my 19th birthday.
It was terrible, it altered my life forever, and traumatised me.
When I went back to her house the next day it was equally as bad, honestly that bad, bad, woman.

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