Who's responsible for 19th-century naval graves


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I have his service records.
Just states 'DD' Hongkong.
He was serving aboard HMS Encounter at the time.
I assume he died of disease or natural causes.
He was not involved in the Taku forts event. View attachment 5745

My little family display. His ship, a crew phot and a 2nd China war medal.

That's smart Steve. My brother (he inherited because he was the oldest) has something similar with my old fella's medals etc.
HMS Encounter was involved in the attacks on the Bogue forts on the Pearl River from October 1856 - don't know if your relative was dead by then? One thing that stands out about early HK is the enormously high death rate - soldiers and sailors died like flies from malaria and waterborne disease. Fantastic that you've got such an early photo of the crew - I'd have loved to see photos of Chusan island in the 1840s, but it was just a smidge too early. Only survivals are from the 2nd china war around 1860.

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