who's REALLY to blame...........

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. Another member leaves- and as per norm the fingers of blame are being pointed--

    We are all different- of differing age, color, sex, political leanings, educational levels, whether serving, ex, pre-joining or civilian never served, straight or homosexual, young or old.

    We all have our own opinions, and our own levels of tolerance.

    We all have RR members we respect, we like, we share common ground with, or that just totally get our backs up!

    This is what makes RR- it what we sign in everyday, week , hour or whatever for- yet recently it has been about who can provoke the biggest argument- whether the cause be sexuality, moderation, or ROMFT!!

    And then, when the initial poster gets the rant, bite, swearing response it was obviously meant to incur- they get stressed and retort- which then gets everyone els on the bandwagon!!

    I have been guilty of this, but have apologised to the person I annoyed.

    Guys- we may dislike one another, may not agree with the choice of Moderators, or they way they carry out their jobs,but we all have ONE thing in common--
    WE LIKE RR--

    so how about we quit the back stabbing, the bitching, the mod/gay bashing and try to get this back on track??

    (Apologies to the senior members on here- I never meant to offend with saying "Old farts who whinge etc.............. )
  2. My Mrs tells me I'm an old fart and she believes I enjoy whinging so you havn't offended me, as long as I am allowed to carry on doing it!
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There's no mystery here, Hig wants to be a Mod, He understands that this is is the quickest way to get his wish :thumright: :dwarf: :thumright:
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I can understand why higs has gone, it's not exactly a laugh a minute on here is it?

    To many chiefs me thinks.
  5. Ug, you know white man with many medals and letters speak with forked tongue. Big Pow Wow in Diamond Lils to sort it.
    Don't forget to bring um Tomahawk.
  6. Unbelievable when you think the number of views on letters and who is actually posting on here.

    DITTO MATEY far to many chiefs

    What qualifications do we need to be a mod?

    If I recall a person who is now a mod posted a photo of a fatal crash a while back and one member was so disgusted he threatened to leave if it was not removed. I believe it showed the faces of the crash victims.

    So I ask again does it go on service time or if you enter the chat room and become mates.
  7. yes, and said member also apologised immediately and removed said photo.
  8. Who gave you permission to leave the kitchen :bball: I hope all the hoovering is done BZ :hungry:
  9. "HOW" being the corruptive word for the phrase "Haukola", meaning "hello friends" from the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of the Lakotas....

    Thought you might wanted to know that NZ???.....nothing to do with this thread, but who gives a fcuk!!.... :w00t:
  10. BH, it doesn't bother me at all - as they say "Sticks & stones etc"

    There is far, far worse on Arrse forums, and this all should be taken with the tongue in cheek fun it probably is intended (well, most of it anyway... ;) )

    Perhaps what may be forgotten by some of the older members and some of the younger members of the RN, is that with the individual cabins, far less sea time, (therefore less time away from families) and what seems to be a much more easier style of discipline todays RN, that the camaraderie may not be there as opposed to a lot of guys crammed into messdecks (and hence the ribald or offensive humour you could give and receive) seems to be missing at times.

    What we older members had to experience during our enlistments brought about the ideas for the more modern ships in accomodation and weaponry etc - try to think back to when there were wooden ships for example, the Navy is constantly evolving, the days may well come when there will be a Space Fleet 'a la Star Trek', and the current members of the RN (and RR if it is still about !) may well be going on about 'in my time' etc etc

    I'd have liked my own cabin when I served aboard a ship, but it was not the time, but I still enjoyed the time I had, even to being squashed in a mess of 30+ hairy bodies, and even to having Smarties and Oggies for Action Messing too - but that's another story, and I would probably do it all again (as my old dad would, and he's 86!) if I had the chance.

    Unless you have experienced the over-full messdeck, or indeed a single cabin, each other's experiences or comments should be respected, but be prepared for the p***take - as has been said on this site many times it is 'Unofficial' and 'Give and take' is what this site should be about.

    As to blame - as my daughter used to say 'Chill Dad' - perhaps that should be on the front page in big bright letters ?

    Having siad this,and I havent done this much talking since my dissertion on the Planets at Leadership School ---Oops !! Sorreee - I meant Leading Rate Command Course :p


    edited to add bold
  11. Unless you have experienced the over-full messdeck,

    What a wonderful idea a LPH full of booties :w00t: sailing the oceans.

    Now where do we put them?????
  12. People are not leaving the site because of poor moderation or being called old farts. they are leaving because the site content has become stale. BH just before you put your draft preference in you stated he reasons for your leaving. if I remember one of which was you has outgrown the site (or words to that effect). Things have not really changed. We have had several new moderators promoted recently and most seem intelligent and fair, this can only be a good thing for RR. pity though that we still have one or two who are so far up their own arses that their moderation has become too personal.
    I still enjoy the site but not to the extent that I used to.
    It must however be obvious to all including the site owners that the site quality has deteriorated lately.
    The only ones who can rectify this are RR members, so on thinking caps and let's have some fiery discussions.
  13. I would agree with WM's second line, ARRSE (very appropriate title) can be far worse. Yes members will come and go but don't forget, RR is what the members make it.

    And one other thing, something I learned very early on in basic, if you can't take a joke, don't join. :thumright:
  14. It's only a fooking website lol
  15. Blame me! It's all my fault, I am to blame, I swear, I didn't mean a single bit of it but thought why not.

    Now, any complaints, please stick them on a postcard, address to my inbox and I will sort them out once this fooking sprog makes an appearance!
  16. er is he married NZB? How old is he? :w00t:
  17. We don't blame you JD - it's your hormones.... ;)

    They'll get worse once your little bundle of joy makes his debut ! Nappies, feeding, more nappies, more feeding.......... :thumright:
  18. Higgy deserves to be a Mod. Anyway now he's left, when he rejoins, if he isn't immediately promoted to being a Mod, we'll all know nepotism operates at the highest echelons.

    Hig :worship:
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dont worry JD you aint the only one wishing "the fcuking sprog" would hurry up and make an appearance. We can then all hear about the joys of breast feeding and sh1tty nappies. :yawnstretch:
  20. There, there... Now go and say 3 Hail Marys and all will be forgotten.

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