Who's on watch?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Megalopteron, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. What is the typical watch composition on a modern RN ship? Who is on the bridge, in the ops room, MCO, engine room, etc. during routine peacetime cruising?

    What are the differences between a large ship such as Albion, something in the middle like a T23 and something smaller like a survey ship or fisheries protection?
  2. OPSEC and all that !!!!! Why not ask for a ships fcuking programme while you're at it
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    "Who's on watch"?

    Me. :salut:
  4. Snoopy is on watch
  5. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Alarmed, Chief Cook wrote
    It's the sort of thing asked at AIB and discussed in any number of fora comparing warship and commercial manning scales. I can't see it as an OPSEC issue. Cast of thousands looking out the window, they still hit shit that has been there since the Jurassic age. Asking about duty watch and force protection composition is rather different. The poster isn't going there.

    Unsheduled banyan in the Minches, followed by unscheduled run ashore in Faslane. It was on TV. Chile is a popular unscheduled stopover. Gone are the days when the Chief Cook decided (what he thought was) the programme and promulgated it to the ship's Company. :wink:
    Taxi drivers, they know.
  6. Bridge - damn nearly exactly the same for any class:

    OOW - in charge of the entire ship
    2OOW (most likely one of the hundreds of SFT(X) YOs around, maybe a new OOW understudying for their first couple of watches on a new ship)

    SCC - no idea to be honest. As an OOW I've spoken to the following people on the phone ;)

    ET of the Watch

    That would be typical for a newer ship, but can't comment on T42 or CVS etc.

    Ops Room

    LS(AWT) - RiC of the Watch
    2 x AB - acting as surface plot
    2 x AB(EW) - acting as on watch EW Ops


    LS CIS or AB1 CIS - RiC of the Watch
    2 x AB (I think!) - Comms Watchkeepers. May drop down to 2 over night, I can't remember.
  7. On the whole, it's exactly as Alfred describes it above but with the addition of a WE roundsman who walks around the ship making sure compartments haven't spontaneously combusted.

    Occasionally you might also have a few upper deck sentries, lifebouy sentries etc. Also the manning of the ops room varies from time to time. At it's busiest the entire ops room might be closed up, on the other hand you might only have one lad manning the surface picture.

    It all depends on the threat and how much of a dick the PWO is.
  8. 2DD - I've seen a 967/968 spontaneously combust. Scared the shit out of the roundsman, let me tell you. And the OOW wasn't too impressed at showing the wrong lights at night.....
  9. Indeed, I wasn't being flippant, I too have seen things catch fire for no apparent reason whilst employed as the WE roundsman.
  10. Excellent! Pretty much exactly what I was after.

    Is the 2OOW a permanent fixture on most medium and large ships or only present when a trainee is available? Having read a lot of incident reports (BRwhatever "Hits & Misses") there does seem to be a 2OOW involved most of the time.

    Of the three others, are they generally employed as lookouts? Is there a standard policy on when to use hand steering (proximity to ships, navigational hazards)? Otherwise, what are their duties?

    Noted on the ops room being highly variable.

    I'm particuliarly interested in whether there are more in the SCC/ER and the rates of the MEOOWs?
  11. Given the move to place the training burden on the Fleet, I would suggest that nearly every watch will have a 2OOW when at sea. The 3 ratings on the bridge are fairly interchangeable, however the AB(Sea) will be your inter-ship comms specialist, but it's common to cross-train them all. As an OOW I made sure my BM could send "wait" by morse (via flashing light) if the AB(Sea) was unavailable for some reason.

    The question over hand steering is very much a CO and NO decision, as well as any training requirements, i.e. AB2 Taskbook training. Generally if I was 6 minute fixing, the man on the wheel had it in hand; 12 minute fixing and above and they tended to be in auto.

    The MEOOW1 will be at least a PO, and is generally a CPO; the MEOOW2 will be at least a LET, but is generally a PO. This may change dependent on class of ship, and what the MEO wants to achieve. I think there may be some regulations about this, but I'll be honest I've never met a bad MEOOW1/2, even if they were clusterf*cks the rest of the time....
  12. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator


    QM (Senior AB(Sea))
    BM (Junior AB(Sea))
    TacOp (AB(Sea))

    Ops Room
    2 x AB(WS) Surface
    2 x AB(EW) EW and Intel

    LS(EW) on call

    AB or LS(CIS)
    2 x AB(CIS)

    ET's under training.
  13. Don't forget the poor old HQ1 watchkeeper!
  14. Do Lifebouy sentries and Swimmer of the Watch still have a place in this modern RN watchbill? (at sea, of course)
  15. Only seen during RAS specials by this callsign...
  16. 2 Gollies on watch? Luxury, bloody luxury - in my day, chained to the box we were, for the whole 4 hours..... hurrumph

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