Who's NorwayChris upset?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by witsend, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    Last edited: Aug 19, 2013
  2. No idea but i'm fcukin outraged!!!
  3. fucking shocking match
  4. You're fcukin outraged, how do you think I feel with all your bloody nutty crumbs in my scratcher:)
  5. Think of it as some extra rations left behind in your pit after knobbing the missarse!! Just dont eat the raisins as i'm not sure whether or not they are in fact bits of shite from following through!!! 8O
  6. Probably his wife, if she's read his posts about Hextracurricula activities. :lol:
    if it's a PC issue, perhaps the MODs could clarify ?
  7. I'm guessing your referring to me instead of Taloolahs drivel oppo??
  8. As opposed to yours, ('I'm outraged') :roll: .....Sterling stuff. The man speaketh coming directly from his Arseholes Anonymous meeting :D
  9. Old news, Witless, moving on. :?
  10. Missed me then knobber!!! :roll: 8)
  11. Back on thread, does anyone know why Chris is languishing in DQ's? Apart from his missus reading his posts :wink:
  12. Possibly his penchant for asking every female that post if they want rogering, fine in here and Lils but some newbs may be put off when asking for advice about joining and shit.
    I do hope he comes back after serving his 28 as he does, with a few others, keep the place ticking along.
  13. He'll probably be doing loads of shagging - more than anyone else in the world ever has in fact.
  14. dunno mate, very rare I am on site in the evening.
  15. I've been sick for two days and I return to find my new oppo's eloped into DQs and is hiding. It must have something to do with him dropping the soap in the showers. I thought it was an open invitation! Perhaps it was a genuine slip up.... He did drop it 15 times in as many minutes though..... :biggrin:
  16. Wasn't me who upset him, I bin trying to for 37 years but the little ferker just laughs it off, he was the mess pet on the Dev between 72/ 75 and fair play he was great, joined the ship as a Junior Seaman took all the sh*te we threw at him, never whinged, and was just one of the lads amongst mostly badge men.
    I can't remember the names of any of the sprogs who came aboard with him, couldn't have been any skin 8O :) :cry: :wink:
  17. SO you all do really love me, :D ,it was a self imposed 2 x 9`s, had some trouble with Mrs NC and it was an hour after i saw the Sky news report about baby P,it shook me for six,a combination of herindoors and that poor little baby being murdered,

    But i am back now after groveling for 2 days with Mrs NC and everythings hunky dory,so if anybody wants to get there tits out ,please do, :D
  18. So the bomb, er sorry the nice package I sent has not arrived yet? Damm :twisted: 8O :D

    Fookin hell opps thought you'de spit your dummy :wink:
  19. Mrs NC wants me to drive home to Noggie land now,but i cant because ive this ferkin sailboat skippers course next week,i told her to just be patient and i will muff her big time when i get back, :D maybe front door back door, 8)

  20. Yeh she had her fun with me :D ,and its good to get the old pulse rate up a bit,i bet the Rats was going ten to the dozen, :wink:

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