Who's new and how far down the application line are you?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BFC_69, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    Just joined, asked a few fairly mong-ish questions, now just wanna see who else is new to the forum and compare notes on the application process!

    Plus it might give me an idea of who I might end up at Raleigh with!
  2. Started my application in mid July for ET(ME)

    Waiting for my start date. :x
  3. Yea, starting to get the idea Im in for a long wait too!

    Fitness this coming Wednesday...

    Applied for AET back in September.
  4. Started the application process to join as an AET back in October, got my fitness test on the 27th Feb. Just the year long waiting game after that :(
  5. Pain, I dont think I can stick my current job that long.

    Best of luck on fitness!
  6. Well I started around December 2009 got my interveiw on March 12th - looking at the possibility of having my fitness and medical very shortly after that as I'm going for Writer.

    So currently at the gym 2 sessions 3 days a week with added walks and runs dotted about - If I'm gonna pass the fitness test I'm going to pass at the level below my age group!
  7. Applied August 2008, entry March 2010
  8. Holly - One word - Jealous!

    Lunian - Best of luck with that one! I am just happy with a pass!

    I must sort my swimming out! Right now I swim about as well as a Scania truck!
  9. I can swim - just no local pool around here to do the occassional swimming. If the weather warms up in the next couple of weeks I might go swimming at the local beach. Right now without a wetsuit it's suicide!
  10. ha ha! yea... fcuk that!

    I can swim... just badly! I am not a particularly graceful being!
  11. Started applying early december (2009),eye test 3 days after applying, had my medical in january, fitness test 2 weeks ago, and my selection interview on tuesday gone! Now just having to wait :(
  12. Likewise, Started app for ET(ME) Back in october 09' Passed everything and now just waiting. . .
  13. Hey, I applied in September '09 and i'm waiting for my medical on 19th March :) can't wait to join
  14. KT- Good luck with your medical!

    What you going in to do?

    Trigger, Im getting the feeling were all in for a fcuking long wait which depresses me... alot.
  15. Thank you, and good luck with what you have left to do as well :)
    I applied for WTR which i was told is about a 4 month wait. How long wait do you have?
  16. I have PJFT next weds and then the final interview!

    I'm looking at Jan 2011... :x :!:
  17. I applied back in october for AET and completed the rest of the process early november.

    I've been told to expect Jan 2011 for entry :(
    I just hope the waiting list doesn't increase by then.
  18. I applied in july as AET,had rt in september,medical and eye test october,fitness and final interview november,i rang the afco yesterday and i now have security clearance and he also said i can expect a date anytime between september - december maybe even early next year boooooo! :(
  19. i applied in june 2009 and going to Raleigh in march 2010 whoo
  20. I originally started in the RNR (I'm still in the RNR, of course) so my application has gone hither and thither in all kinds of ways. I began by turning up at my local RNR one Tuesday and filled in a form to sit the PJFT. Then I was called a few days later by my local AFCO to make an appointment to sit the RT. After sitting the RT I explained that I had joined the RNR with a view to joining the RN but was keen to explore my options. The kind gentleman informed me that any trade was open to me on the evidence of my scores and I was invited to go away and look at the various leaflets. I was also given an application form, a medical form and a security clearance form. I have sent those off now and shall soon have a medical, followed by the PJFT. All things going well, the interview shall then beckon. I am hoping to go in as a CT.

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