Who's my Careers Manager?

Hi, can anyone tell me how I can find out who my careers manager is? I need to get the reference number of my last Assignment Order in order to fill in a form, but JPA being the great system it is, my Assignment Order is no longer there, and I've lost the hard copy that I printed out.

I'm a POET(WE) if that makes any difference. UPO wasn't much help:(


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If the assignment is still valid it'll still be on JPA. (Go into workflow & click view: all notifications)

Your UPO will have a hard copy, if on a ship, the EWO will have a copy too.

Your Careers Manager (Drafty) probably won't be too chuffed getting a random phonecall for a lost chit, but you could always ask your DO to make the call.
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Yep, what frequently happens is the individual clicks on the workflow notification, reads it, prints it (later loses it), click OK & it vanishes off the screen, because it's been read.

The only way to bring it back is to "view all". Sorted- I should charge 50P a minute consultation charge, but will waiver it this once :wink:
thanks for the quick replies! I actually did print a paper copy, but I've misplaced it. Let me clarify: It's a draft order that was issued in May. I joined my new duty station already, but I need the old draft order reference number in order for me to fill in an application for a Married Quarter.... I've been told that if I don't fill it on properly, they won't accept the form, so I need to get it. I would have thought that the UPO would have it, but both times I've been in, both duty writers didn't seem to have a clue!

Thanks anyway.
i have tried the view all notifications option, but the page comes up as blank. Oh well, another trip to the UPO I guess! thanks for your help!
Your UPO can find it mate. Tell the writer to go to arrivals on their actors, then type in your service number. It will tell you date and position. They can then find the assignment number.
The assignment orders are deleted from your workflow after 30 days unfortunately. It says it in the small print under the "you must contact your unit HR" paragraph with a "you are recommended to print a copy" bit as well. Failing that though when I was doing a leaving routine last week the MACCO had a copy of my new assignment order which they made me sign so they might have the old ones from when you joined the place. Just a thought though.
Apologies, just a wee bit late to this thread and I assume the OP has had his question answered, but for future reference:

Junior Rates should contact the WMO or whatever the new name for them is.

Senior Rates - got to RN intranet, A-Z, search for DNPERS, click on there and on the DNPERS website there is a staff list, with all Career Managers details, email address and phone numbers.

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