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Who's a naughty pongo then.


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What surprises me is that this makes the news. The press would have loved Germany in the late 80's/early 90's if this sort of thing gets printed. It's difficult to describe the lunacy that was BAOR. Happy fucking days they were.


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Feck me, I remember going to an inter Mess 'games' night in the Occifers Mess which ended with two subalterns having a go at each other with their broadswords - full on sword fight. Pity some sober types broke it up before blood was spilled!!! :)
He's a cnut but the punishment doesn't fit the crime, shouldn't have done it in a posh hotel maybe the Homeclub but thats showing my age.
Lost count of the times I've flashed the tats on my arse, but not in Muscat of all places
Prosecutor Lt Cdr Alex Ward told a court martial the bash got "more and more rowdy, like a rugby club".

Wonder if darling Alex has ever been introduced to the dance of the flaming ass holes. Remember a stripey "Sing sing or show us your ring" the days of the adjustable lighter well that cnut couldn't sing.
Arent you glad you served in the 50's thru 80's now huh. If they threw out jack and Percy for shit like that, we wouldnt have enough to man a feckin minesweeper!!!


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That's all right, since minesweeping is no longer practiced (the idea of putting ships in harms way is contrary to the current PC Elfen Safety policies!).

I thought minesweeping was the ancient art of going round emptying all the leftover drinks into one container (oneself), or is that only for wafus? It was still being practiced at the last matelots' bash I attended.

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